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Surely, you have a lot of questions when a Destination Wedding vision crosses your mind. The sun, the beach or a small town in Mexico sounds great! Along these years, and after helping different unique couples we gather these Destination Wedding FAQS as a guidance for a better start.

First Step for a blasting Wedding getaway!

I am engaged, where should I start?

  • Contact us to have a Wedding Planning Service Proposal. We can be reached, also,  by email at [email protected]   and happily we will set a “non-strings” consulting call by whats app, facetime, skype, etc, to have a better understanding of what your wedding vision is.  

What does Better Together Events Mexico offer?

  • Full Destination Wedding Planning + Design services to craft Romantic Hassle-Free Wedding Experiences For Engaged Couples, Like You, Wherever They Dream

What are the advantages of hiring you guys?

  • You will have a creative and passionate, yet methodical  team who will devotedly handle your Wedding as it was their own 
  • We have your back! Yes, we are at your side, not a vendor, hotel or venue side. Therefore we will be always looking for your best interest. 
  • Our experience will help you to have a wedding with no or minimum problems, concerns, and stress. 
  • Either whimsical and elegant, stylish and delicate, sophisticated and exquisite. We help you to have them happened for REAL.
  • We help you to create specific ideas for your unique personality, your love story, and your wedding vision. It is YOUR DAY.
  • Ultimately, our goal is to create an ambiance that feels like home to celebrate that magic moment that could only ever belong to the two of you. 

BTM team can assist you with:

    • Finding the perfect venue or check the venue booked to make it ideal for your wedding events.
    • Plan, Design and coordinate Welcome dinners, Rehearsal dinner, or Farewell events. 
    • Get group rates, with these rates you and your guests 
    • Handle and referral transfers services for you and your guests.
    • Suggest, quote and book Guests Experiences for you and your guests.
    • Assistance you with catering referrals and menu selections, décor, and entertainment for your wedding and related wedding events. 
    • In case is need it, help planning special parties like Bachelorette Getaway
    • Bespoke Creative Design, Planning and Coordinate your Destination Wedding Weekend
    • Help handle inside and outside venue planning. In addition to the Hotel or venue coordinator. 



Booking the team what will make YOUR Wedding Journey beyond memorable

How can we confirm your services for OUR Wedding?

  • After our “non-strings” Consulting Call you will receive a Wedding Planning Service Proposal, once is approved; we move forward with our Agreement and Retainer for our services.
  • Wedding Vendors will require a deposit to secure the date. Each location has its own policies. We can assist you to handle the payments and contracts. However, the vendor´s contracts will be available for you to review.  

Do you require a deposit for your services? 

  • Once a wedding service is confirmed we require a Retainer specify in the Wedding Planning Proposal you got. 

When is the balance due? What payment methods do you use?

  • After Retainer is done, the remaining balance is due 1 month prior to your wedding date.
  • Most Wedding Vendors will apply the same policy than us,  to avoid being paid during the event. Can you imagine a photographer or us missing an important moment because are getting paid?

How much time would we need to reserve OUR wedding day in advance?

  • We suggest starting a booking within 1 year in advance; because specific dates and best suppliers gests booked quickly. However, booking 6 months in advance is still a good timeframe. 

What if we want to reserve on short notice?

  • You should contact us at [email protected]  we will do all in our hands to help you with a short notice event.


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Ceremony Type:

      • There are different types of ceremonies. Our first suggestion would be to ask yourself, what type of Wedding Ceremony should you have? Mexico has the option for either a local judge for a Civil Wedding or Non-denominational Minister, Chaman for a Mayan Ceremony or a Priest for Catholic ceremonies, Rabbi for a Jewish knot-tie or a Sikh Offiante for a SouthAsian Ceremony.

Do we need to send any documentation prior to arrival?

      • In case documentation is required in advance; we will let you know. This will be based on the type of ceremony selected.

 What wedding couple typically for a destination wedding?

      • Brides usually wear a beautiful white gown, while grooms usually prefer khakis and a white dress shirt. Most couples also prefer bare feet on the beach, of course.


Miscellaneous Destination Wedding FAQS

What do you do if I schedule an outside ceremony and reception — and it rains? Do you have a picture of the backup plan?

      • We will have a Backup plan prepared, either if the locations offer one or we need to have a tent.

 What is the time zone?

      • Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Mexico are in the Central Time Zone.

Can I bring dollars?

      • Yes, American dollars are recognized and accepted in Mexico.

 Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

      • Yes!  It is as safe as any other Destinations in the World. Like any other countries, it might have places that are not so nice, but we are always looking for the safety of our couples and their guests. Or course, we will not recommend those areas. 

 Is it easy to enter into Mexico?

      • You must have a valid passport to enter.
      • Please visit for details.

What time of day do most destination weddings occur? Why?

      • Most of our Destination Wedding Couples chose to marry a couple of hours before sunset. It is the most romantic time. Photographers call it “the Golden Hour” and have the best light for stunning pictures. 

For more information about Legal and Catholic Specific Requirements, please click here

Having more questions: Contact our Wedding Specialists at [email protected]

We will be happy to assist you!!!


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