5 Reasons Why a Private Villa is a Better Wedding Venue

These are 5 Reasons why a Private venue is a Better Wedding venue. More privacy, long party time, more time to spend with family are some of the reasons. Let’s check them!
We know that sometimes it is not possible to have a private Villa or sometimes this options only don’t fit what do you need for your wedding but here there are reasons of why it is better a private villa versus other options available at the Riviera Maya. 
1. Privacy.  It is real, sometimes cause we want that everyone is happy at our wedding we forget that privacy it is important in such special moment, forget about the “guy in the speedo” behind your wedding ceremony and of course wedding photos… what about other people around, like vendors, non-wedding guests taking pictures, or a foam party in the pool next to your ceremony…. as I mentioned before I got married in a hotel cause it works much better for us and our family, but we need to give up some privacy at our ceremony because that comfort… and have some kids ( not from our family or friends) playing right in the middle of our ceremony… for us was funny… I`m sure my wedding coordinator was about to have a part attack in that moment… at least it would be my case! if I was her!


2. Longer party. We love parties and have a long party in such special day is great! most of the hotels and Beach clubs have a limited party time, in case of a Private villa you can extend little bit the time with a permission ( we have to pay it) but this give you a couple extra hours.. why the time limit… in the hotels most of the time is cause they also need to take care of other guests…



4. More time with your love ones. This is something that I still regret about my wedding, we arrived to the hotel 1 or 2 days prior to the wedding and to be honest I would like to spend more time with my grandmother and aunt… or with my cousins, or with those friends whom travel from so far… the reality, at least we find some time to spend with our immediate family prior the wedding and then wedding and then we leave… Have the wedding at a Private Villa will give you more time with your immediate family, and friends, then if you can spend more time with them or spend your honeymoon you can change to a Hotel. 


5. Chance to know the area. Who know me, know that I´m a big fan of All Inclusive hotels for my personal vacation, why? because in my opinion this kind of hotel allows you to rest, really rest, you don’t have to worry for money, activities, drinks, etc… is all inside there… but a Private Villa will let you go and scout the area, know it little better and then after the wedding  you could have a quiet honeymoon in a resort…
We just had a wedding in a hotel and then,  they had decided spend a month at a Villa, the hotel was so nice that upon arrival the Groom asked if he can stay longer and then go to the Villa ….so choices, choices.

You have a lot of options, but please, is needed to consider other points;  most of your guest will be at the area at least for 3 nights, specially for your weekend wedding.  You know them much better so you will know if what priorities give up and what not. 

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