Amazing Travel Tips for your Destination Wedding in Mexico

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We know that if you are looking for a Destination Wedding, one of our main concerns will be the safety of your guests especially if you are traveling to another country. We would like to share with you Amazing Travel tips for your Destination Wedding in Mexico.

Mexico has special magic; it is not only its variety of landscapes cause you will be able to find volcanos, valleys, stunning beaches, haciendas… well you have a lot of options to find the perfect venue. 

Safety First

Traveling is an adventure, and of course, it is made for adventurous people. Its been a lot of information asking is Mexico is a safe place… reality, Life itself is a risk. Travel is not an exception. 

Coming to Mexico is as safe as you want. In regards, safety considers the same precautions you have when you travel to other places, like go to common places, read the reviews of about the areas, notify to someone when you leave, if you stay at the hotel let them know that you are leaving, not carry too much jewelry, etc. 

Our friends the mosquitoes

To be honest, I don’t have an idea what`s their objective in this world… other than feed other animals like frogs and iguanas.

In areas near to the beach, where wheater is humid and hot you will find lots and lots of these little friends.  Impossible to totally avoid them; especially after a quick rain or during the rainy season.

The repellent is a must! It will help you to avoid the itching after their bite and keep those diseases that come with their bite, far, far away.  Concern about Zika? There are a couple sites to help you to keep that on track. Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum haven’t reported cases for a while now. 

Travel Tips Special: México Weather

México has a lot of variety, especially for its weather. Despite that, it is quite easy to have a general idea about how the weather would be. 

The Central area of Mexico has a nice, cool weather most part of the year. Places like Cuernavaca, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City, Puebla. All of them have weather lower than the 80s. 

The areas in the north of Mexico have a weather very similar to Dallas,  dry hot summers

 with very cool winters. 

Those Cities near to the beach will be mostly humid, hot, hot, near to the 80s or above it. Places like Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Huatulco, Ixtapa, Acapulco. There is a small difference here, in Riviera Maya, there are not mountains, a reason why cool fronts hit straight to us and give us chilly nights from November to March. 

We understand that may be looking at one of these paradises to get married. Weather can be a concern cause you are unsure what to wear in such weather. Should a tux be a nice idea? 

Travel Safety advice from Quintana roo 

We want to share with you here the last communicate of past July 2018 ,  that says that is safe to travel to this destination, so the only thing to worry about is to have plenty vacation days to enjoy all the wonders that our beautiful country has to offer. And of course… about your destination wedding, we will take absolute care of everything! 










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