Bridal Party activity that rocks!


Bridal Party activity that rocks! Perfect for your wedding weekend, but also an option for your Bachelorette or Bachelor.

Your Bridal party is very important, all the time because they are the most loved, important persons and, you want them as close as possible to your for such special day. 

Planning special activities with your bridal party or crew during your wedding weekend will allow you more time together; especially for a Destination Wedding.

We just assist a Barbershop´s opening at Puerto Aventuras, how can this help? Well, our mind blow with the possibilities! The place is called Barba Negra and offers barbershop services, but also saloon services for ladies!  Here a few ideas of what can be a plan for your Bridal Party. 

Beauty day

Your bridesmaid’s squad will love the place with an amazing view of the harbor and the ocean. Offers gel polish service, manicure, pedicure, hair, makeup & drinks! … wait! who belong that chubby little face at the end of the picture?

Grooms day

Grooms day. Your army will love the place, forget the skulls and the Harley Davidson parking at the entrance, the wooden floor, and the leather details. The place is perfect for a good shave, haircut and at the same time have a tequila shot. What celebrates with a Cigar? Barba Negra has an outside area with bar tables!



Catamaran and spoil day for Bridal Party

Barba Negra shaving shop is located at Puerto Aventuras. This small town located 15 to 20 min from Playa del Carmen and it has a harbor from where a Catamaran can sail… plan a catamaran day with your Bridal Party, some drinks, canapes, and end the day been spoil at the barbershop!

Beauty and dinner

Sure you want to spoil your bridesmaids during your Destination Wedding, well, Barba Negra location is perfect! Have a time for a manicure or pedicure service with gel polish to get the ride on the wedding day, despite enjoying a few drinks at the barbershop, you can go to any of the restaurants located in Puerto Aventuras to end the night! 

Plan an activity that´s perfect for your Destination wedding and allow to you spend extra time with your Bridal Party. 

Would you like more ideas for your Bridal party? Check our past post;  Groom Moment: Artesanal beers and other tips to spoil your groom.

Congratulations to our Barba Negra friends for the opening!

Planning your destination wedding. Contact us! 

Happy Planning 




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