Destination Wedding Trends 2019 Bet


We hope you are amazing! The year is quickly coming to end. Yes, we talked a lot about Trends, especially during the engagement season. Well, now is the turn to speak about Destination Wedding Trends  2019. This time we want to make it little different, so, Let’s call to a bet! 

In this post we want to tell you to want Destination Wedding Trends, we still see during  2019. You can share with us if you see the same, or basically, we can forget about it! 

Ceremony Setting

Despite all efforts to make it little different. Ceremony setups represent a challenge for a Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, Wedding Stylish or even a Wedding Designer. Why?  

You need to keep the couple in the “public eye” so everyone can share such a special moment, and at the same time make it unforgettable despite circumstances. Samples: People walking around the beach,  kiddos crying during ceremonies, or a very special Chuch that cant modified at all. Hum! Challenging, right? 

Our bet, as a trend for Ceremony Setting, will be Traditional frames backdrops with a minimalist twist


Reception Color and Details 

Of course, Pantone, call the new color Coral Living… we love it, and sure we will find it a LOT! Summer will be perfect for this vibrant and magic color don’t you think? 

So; this is an easy bet, Coral Living for summer weddings, and dark deep color combos for autumn and winter weddings. It could sound even ridiculous that after such color outbreak we have such serious colors. However deeply, they are traditional and super elegant. Want to have fun with these colors, add a splash of vibrant coral and voila! 

Speaking about the tables settings and themes. We have seen everything, greenery, branches, long tables, short tables, cocktail. The list can be extensive.  Mexican themed weddings inspired in Frida is moving quickly to pass away. What do we see on the horizon? Huichol inspiration! Just small touches of details, vibrant colors that match perfectly with the color of the year. 

We love how Mr. Noe Ariza uses the Huichol inspiration for this Wedding.  Minimalist style is getting a refresh!

oh yes! Flowers, some greenery and candles arrive to stay for a long, long time at weddings. They are gorgeous and romantic.. so, perfect! 



Entertainment as part of our Destination Wedding Trends 

Reception should be super unforgettable. Taking aside all the traditions involved. People suppose to have fun, dance, party and be wow! During this moment. 

So let’s move ahead… Djs and live bands can be fun and don’t worry they will be still basic for the party.  What do we see are Mojigangas and parades before the reception, especially if you are having those in different places. During the reception, aerial dances or neon dances… they are vibrant and amazing for amuse guests during a sit-down or buffet dinner. Planning a cocktail style reception, a magician! will be out bet.. nop it is not like a kids magician. They usually walk between the tables, so they blend great with guests.  Our friends from Musik-entertainment are specialists on this. 

What do you think will be the 2019 Destination Wedding trends? Do you agree with us or no? 

Happy Planning! 

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