Gorgeous Bridal Accessories perfect for your Wedding


With a Royal Wedding around the corner, we would like to show you some Gorgeous Bridal Accessories perfect for your wedding. In special for a Destination Wedding. 

I always encourage you don’t use a Veil except for a Catholic Wedding, why? Most of our weddings happen outdoors; so a windy day and a veil usually are not good friends.

These will be amazing and gorgeous options to wear during your wedding… even if you have a veil.

Boho Bridal Accessory: The Flower Crown 

I love this option as perfect for an outdoor wedding with a boho vibe or even for a Mexican Destination wedding. Imagine, it could be something delicate or so colorful and bright that can make a statement! 

Not sure if you would like to wear shoes at a Beach Wedding, well, going barefoot is an excellent idea. 

The good part this Bridal Accessory is that also can be used by your Bridesmaids in a soft delicate option, or as part of the bridesmaid’s outfit.


The Elegance of a Hairpiece 

The good part of this Bridal Accessory is that you can combine it with almost any hairstyle. 

a Half-up do, an updo or a braid will look amazing using a hairpiece that can be a flower, crystals… it could be gold, rose gold, silver… there are so many options! 

The versatility of this Bridal Accessory makes it one of our favorites! You can use it for a Destination Wedding, Backyard Wedding, Church Wedding! 

Romance affair of a Hair Band 

One of my favorite Bridal Accessories it would be a hair band. Especially because can be bold or as delicate as you want.

Changes a lot any hairstyle adding a touch of romance. It is, in my personal opinion, elegant and casual.  

Still looking for a boho inspiration, but avoiding flowers… there are also hair bands that can work for you in this way, adding an exotic feeling to your hairstyle.


Bridal Crown for a Queen 

To be honest… I`m getting obsessed with this Bridal Accessory. In the past, it doesn’t appeal to me, however, even the Bridal Crowns has evolved and there are new options now, so gorgeous, fun and authentic !!! that I`ll be happy to wear them if I re-marry or renew our vows. 

Wearing those special crowns is now a Wedding trend

It is perfect for a Beach Destination Wedding, also a crown will look amazing!

It will bring that luxury mermaid accent to your outfit or to your tribe outfit! Our favorites are by Amaroqdesign

I know that choosing the right accessories will be the difference! Still looking for some inspiration of what to wear during your wedding, check our post about what our last couples wore



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