Horror Wedding Stories by a Romance Rockstar – Part 1


There are tons of things going out there, and a lot of stories to tell about Destination Weddings, Elopements. Most of them are happy, especially when you have a Wedding Planner involved or as we like to name us: Romance Rockstars.

What happened with those stories that we never hear… why, because you have such a great Romance Rockstar that you don’t even know what’s going on until is all solved!

This is one of  many  Wedding Stories that actually happened to us and how we handled them to have a happy couple and a “happily ever after” 

The Perfect Wedding Dress 

Besides the time spent on exchanging emails with me, let’s add the time they spent also on do the searching, get a travel agent, invites, and make all the preps of such special day. Including fly a group of family & friends of 50 people.  

Melissa as any other bride found THE WEDDING DRESS, girls you know the feeling. THE WEDDING DRESS! That one that’s a perfect fit, perfect for your wedding day, in where you feel gorgeous glowing and ready to walk down the aisle. She took her stunning dress and fly to Cancun Airport to be Marry to the man of her life. 

Horror Wedding Stories: Unadvised Problems

We meet us at the hotel lobby a couple days prior to their Wedding, Melissa & David were super excited about their upcoming day. Family and friends start to arrive. They were wow with the hotel, venue… The weather was amazing… everything was perfect! not a clue of an upcoming problem.

Two days prior to the Wedding, the hotel took their dress to be steam as part of the package they got. I was doing a site inspection with a Travel Agent, while I got an urgent call. Hotel Manager was called to my mobile to tell me over the phone that they had an accident with Melissa`s Wedding Dress! I just felt a chill and start to see all black… Breed in – Breed out   – ” I thought to myself”Let’s see the Dress and how the damage was it.

What I found was totally sad. I almost cry! The train of that amazing and gorgeous dress was all dripped out and full of black oil. Next step… Tell Melissa what`s going on we were short of time and find a new dress – as Hotel Manager suggested – could be an option, but really? I found Melissa around the pool, having fun with her friends, had to take her apart and gave her the bad news. She almost faint! After a few seconds – for me feel like an eternity – she asked to see the dress, and just like me she almost cries! Put herself together as a great lady. 

Romance Rockstar in action

Our next step? I took the problem on my hands, called a Bridal House I know at Cancun to see if they can help us. Not everyone can arrange a wedding dress, it looks easy, but here is the main reason. Fabrics are super, super delicate you need expertise, patience and the correct needle in your sewing machine. How do I know that? Well, actually I took a course on making clothes.  That knowledge actually saves one or two wedding ceremonies, when a wedding dress zipper broke up. 

We jumped into a van, provided by the hotel. Fortunately, the Bridal house was available to meet us, and the call was done right on time because they were about to leave for a Bridal Show!  Melissa fit her dress again. I can see her face changed and tears almost came out. She stood like a lady, took a deep breath and put her trust in us. 


Happily ever after

The day finally arrives. Melissa & David were more than ready to exchange vows. Myself? Well, I had to jump again into a Hotels transfer that same day early morning, to face the truth. Would be dress be fine? 

Yes, they did it! Dress lost just a small portion of its tail. They were able to correct the damage and unless you were able to see the dress all damage, you can tell if ever get any kind of damage!  


Melissa & David were able to exchange their vows. She looked stunning on her dress. I was so happy for them, and at the same time relief.

This is the importance to have a Wedding Planner.  Additional to our work passion. It is our expertise, network, knowledge and how stressful situations are handled. This is the true value behind our services. 

Happy Planning

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