Kingsman details for your Wedding Affair


We understand that sometimes gentlemen are not in the wedding scope. That is why for us,  is important that the man is standing by your side have they own ” Groom Moments” 

Today, we would love to offer some details to make your Groom shine, have fun and enjoy the amazing experience of getting married. Kingsman details for your Wedding Affair.


Bow Tie 

Either a traditional, eclectic or a Mexican chic option. Have a bowtie as part of your wedding attire it would be a must. It adds elegance to any suit. 


Printed socks 

There are tons of options for this! Our favorite was at our last wedding where our couple decides to have their dog face printed! It was a super fun picture and a great way to add their loved puppy to their Destination Wedding.  Wait for our upcoming post about this memorable and emotive real wedding  Vincy & Toua


There is a very special “thing” from me about cufflinks… But I´m obsessed with them. They are small but really interested. Nowadays exists a lot of options to personalize them. Are you feeling rocker? Well, a couple skulls will add a personal touch without being too much notice.

Shoes or no Shoes

Having a Wedding Affair it might be tricky about shoes. Our suggestion, consider time, venue desition and traditions you will follow to define if you will be wearing shoes or not.  A Destination Wedding at the beach will be casual, shoes will be optional unless you are following the Jewish ritual of “breaking the glass” … then, of course, you will need shoes! 

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