Love Mexico – NYC Edition

We usually do our blog for future Brides & Grooms, trying to provide them with more info about Destination Weddings trends, ideas, tips, etc, etc, etc… todays blog is little different….
We enjoy travel, and connect with other people… and becuase of that we decide to participate at Love Mexico NYC Edition, which is a Trade Show specialized for Destination Wedding Planners, Travel Agents, and all kind of Wedding suppliers.
Uff! The trip was long, and we left the hot and humid Cancun to find a not so warm NYC… but it worth it, every single day.
The day prior to the trade show, a dear friend with who we stayed show us how to use NYC Subway / Metro services, hahahahaha for most of you this will be pretty normal, but for us Vanessa & myself who came from a small city … that´s a huge step!!!!
Day off…
Well, after a quick shower and prepare all things we have to carry, we were ready to go for it…. first challenge, Subway by our own… well this test was fine, lets say a A+… problem, we never take note of the full event address, we have everything less the building number … so just imagine us at NYC with all our stuff to set a small wedding table… just looking, and looking the buildings…. which was the number?! – I know internet solves everything… we had not that service- finally we arrive to the event…tide on time, but safe!
Quickly we set our area, said hi to some friends.. assist to a conference only for destination wedding suppliers by “The wedding diva” Lynnette Richardson from Premier event management.
Then, time for our appointments, lunch and after that our participation at Wedding Expert Panel … wow! we have change to chat about our experience, and talk about Riviera Maya as perfect place for Destination Weddings….
They days ends up so quick! in couple hours after the panel we were back to home ( our borrowed home)…
Next day!
This was definitively for shopping!!! we do a quick tour, visit the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Broadway and 5th avenue… and have chilli hotdogs!…this day was more for fun..
And then the flight back to home.. and back to the reality, more than ready to work with our couples, and make their wedding plans come true.

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