Post Covid19 Wedding Adventure

Alo! Still there?

We are still holding here, keep things going smooth as possible with a 3-year-old toddler and looking for alternatives to change perspective; because we still want to share and spread love crafting for adventure couples unique moments. 

Keep learning is something that we love to do, gather info and always looking for solutions, it is natural in the team after years of training as Wedding Planners

This time is not an exception, it is different and we do believe that crisis could bring us tons of opportunities if you really focus and surf the wave. 

Podcasts are something that really enjoys and I usually do different subjects not only weddings; because a wedding is a sum of everything and inspiration can be found in the most uncommon sources. 


Facing the COVID 19 for Wedding & Tourism Industry

The world is facing something inexplicable, and perhaps historical, because the COVID 19 really attack the whole world from China to Patagonia, nobody is truly safe of this virus no matter its origin.

The way how this passes from person to person making it dangerous because is silent and asymptomatic.  A well announced situation a long time ago by Bill Gates or in the closest way by my father who is a Doctor with over +30 years of experience. His comment a long time ago that humans now move easily from place to place and very quickly; that also means that with them they carry different diseases with the same velocity as they move. That day has arrived. 

Different sectors are being affected the most immediate the Tourism industry because is moving as his various expand more easily. 

Looking back we should learn something from Influenza in 2019, that was a good warning. Today borders are closed, airplanes rest on the almost empty airport and the whole industry is looking for actions first of containing the virus and at the same time keep happy and respond to thousands of thousands of clients in panic.  

How this affects the Wedding Industry; with borders close some suppliers passed real nightmares and loses money because items can arrive at destinations, like flowers or other items for events. That was the second strike. 

Then the prohibition of gathering and events, 3rd strike. The industry of love is on hold waiting for this to pass… An industry that is full of creative minds.  This is no the end.


Post Covid19 Wedding Adventure 

If you are reading this is because you just got engaged and have no idea what’s going on with this situation, perhaps you are a positive person and planning a wedding for the end of the next year is more likely, or you had to postpone or even cancel your destination wedding in Mexico because of all this chaos. 


Additionally to have your wedding done at home because of the circumstances, this or other situations;  and you still want to achieve that dream, here are some options that you perhaps didn’t consider before. 

  • Elopement in Mexico or anywhere you dreamed about: It is an alternative that didn’t cross your mind in this moment of stress. We can say that Elopement in Mexico is trendy have some pros, check them out in the post. 
  • Vow Renewal Ceremony. Aha! Hope you consider this alternative, you would celebrate not only your first or second year but also you would be celebrating lasting love even in a crisis. 

Probably you are facing the situation to be forced to cancel your destination wedding and feel like the end of the world, a dying dream. Wait a minute!  Your honeymoon tickets even if you booked, postpone or no even book it; check that option, most resorts offer free weddings, elopements and vows renewal ceremonies with the stay! 

Then Plan a flawless Post COVID 19 Wedding adventure, only both of you or invite your closest family… celebrate love despite crisis because ¨diamonds are created under pressure¨.   


Happy planning!

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