Real Bridal Gowns Inspiration for your Caribbean Weather Ceremony

Real Bridal Gowns inspiration perfect for your Caribbean ceremony. Stunning gowns were worn by Real Brides.

Hanging Real Bridal Gowns

Once the question is poped… our second thing to do – after respond – would be run to find the perfect dress!!

Women love to shop and wedding gown shopping can be an amazing adventure

When you are planning your best day, find the perfect bridal gown can be little hard, especially if you don’t know the weather… Mexico has an amazing weather but it is not the same in each city.

Weather in Mexico

Cancun, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel the weather from March to October is usually hot and humid; then from November to February is usually hot, less humid and with some chilly nights. Weather-wise, Puebla and San Miguel de Allende.

We would like to help you to find that perfect bridal gown, that also rocks for your Mexico Destination Wedding, here some tips based on those Real Bridal Gowns that our Brides have worn!

Real Wedding Gowns Fabric

Playa del carmen Real Bridal Gowns

There are amazing, gorgeous, stunning fabrics, the reality not everyone works well for a Destination Wedding, some examples we can suggest, lace, organdy, and silk, this last one might be little difficult because of it easily wrinkles.

However, those are romantic, easy to carry and even fresh fabrics that can work perfectly for a Caribbean weather

Check this dress with an extra add-on… pockets! You can carry the essential things with you and forget about the clutch!


Should beach bridal gown have Train?

Real Bridal Gowns with trainWe understand that a train might be important, and would look just incredible at the pictures… you know, if you like drama, this will be perfect!
Long trains are perfect for Church weddings. In case of a beachside wedding, well then consider a thick runner for your aisle, avoid tulle, and smile! 

In our experience, short or long trains will be fine, if you decide to have a long gown train; we suggest having an easy way to bustles, some shops use marks with letters, colors or numbers to make it easy… trust me it totally worth it.

Veil or not Veil? That’s the question

Real Bridal Gowns by the pool

This will be a common question that crosses your mind. Especially after doing some shop visits. In tradition, a veil is required, in specific for some religions

What can we suggest about this? well, if you are doing a traditional wedding ceremony, or do you want to follow this tradition… a veil will an option for it.

We can also suggest you have a hairpiece to change into, at least for the reception or dancing part… We are sure you would want your veil off of your face during your dancing. 
Would you like more Real Bride Gowns inspiration? Check our Pinterest board! you will love it!

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