South Asian Inspiration for your Wedding Affair


We hope you are great! Getting ready for your upcoming Wedding Affair or Bachelorette party!

This time we would like to share with you some South Asian Inspiration for your Destination Wedding. With all respect deserved, South Asian cultures have a lot to share, and small things that we can add to our Wedding traditions. 

Henna Party for Rehearsal Dinner or Bachelorette 

Would you like to add some South Asian inspiration and keep your Wedding theme still chic, meaningful and gorgeous? 

Try to do a Henna Party for your Rehearsal Dinner or Bachelorette. This is easy, you will have a Henna Artist during your event for a couple of hours doing different designs. Yours must be the most intricate and large! 

The Henna inside South Asian Culture is very meaningful because symbolizes Joy, Beauty, and good luck, all items that will be part of your new life. 


We suggest trying this as an activity for you and your friends, at least 1 day prior to the wedding because Henna takes a couple hours to dry, and in the meantime, you can use the hand you had painted or outfits could stain.  Experience talking, I have this done a couple of times, and love it! 

In case that you still are wondering about Bachelorette, check our post with some ideas, or contact us! 

Yoga Day Activity for an amazing start

Let´s face it, I tried Yoga couple times, and decided that I can’t be still for long time periods… anyway if you are the opposite and love Yoga and meditate this can be an amazing activity to start the day. Especially your wedding day or the day prior!  

Yes! I continue telling you to do things the day before your wedding. Reality is that in my personal opinion the morning of your wedding should be to wake up any time, relax, have a breakfast, take a shower and a long walk by the beach, but we like different things, right? 

We actually had one of the most lovely couples doing this activity with all their family! You can check our Real Wedding and see how deeply in love they are, what activities they do, and where they got married.

Of course! Our Romance Rockstars from  Better Together Mexico help them to plan their Wedding Affair.   


Garlands for your Wedding Ceremony 

We understand that there a lot of traductions out there, and probably you would like to honor some of them. 

Honestly, the Garland tradition is a very common tradition, how? In México we had the Lazo Tradition for Catholic ceremonies, a Rebozo tie for Ethnic Ceremonies, the is the Celtic knot and the Handfasting tie, so having Garlands with flowers around your neck to symbolizes beauty, good luck, prosperity and of course that you are tieing the knot… it is a gorgeous idea! 

We suggest to consider what kind of ceremony are you doing, but most of them will allow adding flower garlands. 

South Asian Decor Inspiration 

We all know that South Asian weddings can be colorful! That a perfect match for Mexican Weddings as we share that love for the colors.

In case that you are not really into the colorful wedding, you can add some colors to your wedding for the rehearsal dinner or for your bouquet. Let me tell you that in my experience a colorful bridal bouquet is always a good election. A white bouquet can be gorgeous but can be lost against your dress… experience talking. 

Other items, in where you can add this South Asian Inspiration besides color, It is with the furniture, like carpets, puff cushions, and low tables.

No matter what style do you decide… the important is that you enjoy the day! 

Happy Planning! 




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