Super Bowl Wedding Tips to Mix Your Wedding and football season



Super Bowl Wedding can be a nightmare for some couples, but others can enjoy their big day and still be fans. Here are some tips to mix them.

Football Wedding Photo session

We´d seen this before and it is quickly turning into a tradition! Are you super fans of football? Then add some props for your wedding photo session, it does not have to be a lot, a helmet or jerseys of your teams will be enough… even just a ball! 

Bridal Party Activity

Let’s face it, even if you are a bride who is not very into football… boys for sure will be! Plan the wedding a day before or after and take advantage of the finale!  Your groom and his pals can enjoy a night with Superbowl beers, and games! In case of a Destination Wedding if you are staying in an All-inclusive hotel, they most of the time have something prepared for that night. 

However, a private night with only the gentlemen or with the whole family can be turned into an amazing football party. 

Football Wedding Guest Book 

I just fell in love with this option! Have a jersey of your fav team, and make with it a guest book. Guest can sign the jersey and after the wedding, you can have it hang at your new home. 

Would you like something not so “football”… well, including a couple jerseys during your engagement photos, pick the best and place them in a frame that guests can sign! Cute! 

SuperBowl Wedding 

You decide to get married exactly on THAT day! We know it would be important for both if not, it is almost sure that some of your guests would like to at least know the score.  What would be options? Well, place a small tv near to the bar, keep it in silence so it won’t disturbs the wedding. Place a small sign you notify your guests about this option. 

And alternative will hire someone who can “record” the game, place it in a flash drive or cd, and you can give it as a wedding favor for those guest you know are super, super fans! 


Would you do your wedding near or on this date? write us what do you think?

Concern about “chaos” during your wedding planning, contact us! 

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