Trend Alert: Cotton Candy Bouquet


We hope you are having such a great time! Well after that amazing response of our insta-story post @bettertogetherweddingsmx. Responses of 100%, that Yes you will do it!!

We are thrilled! 

We decide to share some tips in case you decide to use a Cotton Candy Bouquet. 

Cotton Candy Bouquet; Freshness will be the key

Yes! just like natural flowers, in order to have it last longer, it must be fresh. Preferably the same day in the morning. 

Keep it hidden from FloralGirls, Ring Bearers and Cecilia ( just kidding)…


Weather, Weather, Weather

We love crazy big ideas, so this was PERFECT for us! Now why weather will be important? Candy Cotton last longer far from humid weather. 

In case that you are planning to get married at Riviera Maya, we can suggest to use it for months going from December to February. Usually, our weather is less humid during those months.  

Otherwise, Cotton Candy starts to “melt” and becomes sticky, which won’t be nice near to your wedding dress. 

In case that you are far from a Tropical beach, humid and with +80 F then, you will be great and had an amazing pics! 

Still unsure, but in love with the pics 

 Still not sure if this will work for you, but pictures are soooo beautiful, effortless and fresh and you want to try…

Ask them as a treat for the Cocktail time, in that way you will have some of them while you are doing your portraits or doing your wedding party pictures. 

You will have pretty flowers, candy cotton, and beautiful pictures… who can ask for more, right? 


Happy Planning!

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