Trendy venues for a micro wedding or elopement in Mexico


I’m sure you eager to travel, I am almost desperate, but we need to breathe and keep moving forward.  This big pause gives light up important things. However, in regards to the wedding industry, it was clear for us that an elopement and the new called micro wedding will be the first to come back… and we are so happy about that. 

Once you look out all the benefits and advantages of why have an Elopement in Mexico is Trendy;  is easy to understand why those advantages were taken for granted when you are planning a micro wedding in Riviera Maya, Tulum, San Miguel Allende, Cancun, Huatulco, Cabo,  or any other destination in Mexico.


Lush Micro Wedding in Mexico 

Luckily you will find the micro wedding word all around the internet and refers to that celebration that’s small and intimate with an average of 20 guests.

We review briefly its benefits, very similar to an Elopement:


All the above benefits give more flexibility to the budget to turn a simple wedding of 100 guests into a lush destination wedding of 20. 

On the dark side, especially for your guests,  we are facing some employer’s restrictions or concerns after guests return to their own country; we understand their fears, but hopefully, this will change with the time.  


Trendy Venues for a micro wedding or elopement in Mexico

Now let’s talk about what brought you up here, there are stunning options to choose from and have an unforgettable celebration



We can  never get tired of these caves, they are perfectly mysterious for  any size of celebration, even if our favorite is a Mayan Ceremony

They are perfect for an elopement with a romantic picnic afterward, no matter if you decide to have a Civil or Symbolic Wedding in Mexico. They are out of this world and little magic. 

You can decide for a morning or evening celebration to avoid hit, humidity and mosquitoes and be prepared with repellent for you and your family.

In regards to a micro wedding, we suggest an evening ceremony to enjoy the morning relaxing and pampering yourself.  After you tied the knot, a dinner, or casual cocktail in the same place if they have all the facilities for it. Another option is moving to a restaurant, rooftop, hotel, or other venues. 


Roof Top  

One of our favorite wedding venue options because at beach or city, it always offers stunning views and privacy.

Giving you a glimpse of what we are talking about,  Sunset Monalisa, located in Cabo, offers unavailable sunsets and service this could be a great option fo a micro wedding or elopement. 

There are hotels located in Riviera Maya or Tulum with rooftop and great views of the Caribbean ocean, one of our favorites, Casa Malca 


Wine Cellar

We personally enjoy a good wine paired with good food, and a wine cellar dinner reception is one of my favorite options for venues. 

Xcaret Park at Riviera Maya has a spectacular Wine Cellar.  This cellar houses 180 labels of fine Mexican wine and a collection of items for production and tasting. Walking through its underground corridors and stone carved chambers, that preserve more than 400 years of Mexican wine history.


Some hotels offer this alternative. If you are looking for a place in San Miguel de Allende, Casa 1810 is your best choice.  



Mexico offers stunning beach venues places like Riviera Maya, Tulum, Holbox, Cozumel, Huatulco, and Cabo offers the perfect frame for an intimate ceremony or micro wedding or elopement. 

Either beach clubs or a beachside restaurant can be a great venue to celebrate your love, call us and we will share some ideas.


Either at a private villa, hotel or beach club, this is always a perfect spot for an intimate party.  Add some floating candles to the pool, soft music, good food and you will have a romantic ambiance.

Then choose the table seating you more like, you can make it as traditional as you want, with banquet tables or something more casual with cushions and tables.

Happy Planning!

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