Tulum Weekend Activities: Perfect for your Destination Wedding


Tulum Weekend activities perfect for your  Destination Wedding. It will give you a quick glance of what you and your fiance can do to create an unforgettable experience. 

Have a Tulum Destination Wedding can be turned into an amazing experience if you add some extra things to do… Tulum is super Chic that you will not regret! 

Yoga Lessons 

There is nothing more relaxing that Yoga lessons! Especially as part of your  Wedding Weekend activities, just imagine, have such amazing start or end of a day with all your family and friends.Enjoy a healthy breakfast or dinner afterward. 

Some hotels in the area offer this either for their own guests or open for all people with an extra cost of course; an extra option will have a private teacher, but then, consider the cost of at least Yoga Mats… Namaste! 

Cenote Tour 

We have to say it! We had the change to do this it was AMAZING!  Our friend Miguel from Mulix Tours Tulum will be happy to set the tour, so get ready to wear your swimsuit,  suit- up ( water will be cool) and jump into the adventure! 

It actually was breathtaking! The silent of the place, the watercolor, the cave… wow, wow, wow! 

Ruins Tour 

ActitvitytulumruinsTulum is amazing but also has that cultural part. You can set a visit to the Mayan Ruin Zone. Which is unique,  because they are oceanfront! Well looks like ancient Mayans knows how to live well. There are different options to get to, it could be only the ruins and have access to land or using a boat!  like pirates did!… that´s so cool!

Aerial Dance Class

This was something that we just discovered and sure you will enjoy it… either as a show during a quick cocktail time or as one of your Weekend activities for your Tulum Destination Wedding.


I can imagine that will be great! I did it in the past, so be prepared it looks easy but not… despite that this activity is has a lot of fun and exercise! 

Hotel Dos Ceibas Eco Retreat offers something like this for their guests… so if you are staying in such eco-friendly gem, will be an amazing extra thing to do!  We just fell in love with this small- cute eco- hotel… so stay tuned… a post is coming! 

Temazcal Experience

Aha! I`m sure you hear about this before, it is common in the area. It a totally amazing experience… if you are not sure about what is it, just to make it simple for you. It is a steam room, in basis.

The room or space is made of a special material from the area and steam is prepared with specific herbs that will help you to relax and detox.

Some temazcals not only detox your system but also detox your “soul”  allowing you to share special situations in your life to make you grow, or release… 


Photo by: Primitive Xpeditions



We hope that these ideas will help you to plan an incredible weekend experience for all your guests. 

Would you still want to add extra details to your wedding day?  Check our post for Destination Wedding ideas to try out for your Wedding day.



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