We might Not been the Wedding Planner for You


First of all Congratulations! If you are reading this is because you are engaged and start the journey of planning a Destination Wedding. 

I am quite sure you already start with the searching for a destination, venues, some ideas and you just realize how hard this is going to be. 

Your dreamed wedding at an exotic destination will require a lot of work and time, from researching people and places you might don’t know to follow up with them, respond your family and friends questions and gather all the necessary info to drag all of them to your new adventure. 

Also,  I am certain that we are not the first Wedding Planner you contacted, in your research, you had found a lot of options, prices, and styles… so hard!  

 If you are reading this, is because we want to help you with the quest of the perfect Wedding Planner. We will let you know why we might NOT be the right one for you. Yep! 

You do not share our Philosophy, then we are NOT right for you. 

It is simple, it is easy and we are sure you already heard it – ” … You can save the world alone…”  Yep! from Justice League!  No matter if you are a superhero or have any special power, you cant do it all. 

You need to trust in someone else! Not the kind of trust that they will do the things exactly as you would have it done.

We are talking about the trust that someone will do “whatever it takes”  to accomplish a shared dream… sometimes even doing the things in a different way.

Understanding and respecting this difference is what makes you stronger and make all of us grow. 

You are afraid to take risks 

Life is once. Taking risks might not be the most incredible feeling… but it feels amazing when you jumped and have it all! 

Chances of adventure only follow to whom risks… what is the life you want to tell to your grandkids? what are the stories you want to share with the world? to be honest I can see me as a kickass gorgeous grandma! Aged like wine! 

So, are you a person who take risks or rather to stay safely at home? Small risk can make a big difference!

You do NOT have an affair with Mexico

We do have an English speaking name to make things easier, but we are proudly Latinas… and we are IN LOVE with Mexico

What do we love? The food, wine, mezcal, tequila, mariachi, the colors, the scents, how warm is the people…and how eclectic Mexico can be. The magic of its scenarios going from stunning beaches,  old haciendas, mistic cenotes, vineyards, deserts to snowy mountains.

We can help you to plan an unforgettable time at our different Wedding Destinations in beautiful cities like Merida, Puebla or San Miguel de Allende.  

Still not falling in Love with Mexico… no problem, we can fly away with you to make that dream come true from stunning jungle destinations like Costa Rica beaches to the Romantic Elegance of Italy 

You are choosing Mexico for your Destination Wedding because you heard, think, or feel that it would cost less

Well, Mexico is beautiful and had a lot of options for different Wedding Budgets BUT if you are dreamed with mind-blowing Destination Wedding, something that it is personalized, professional, and something that your guests will remember as their best time ever… then you will need to invest … of course, there is always the alternative of an Elopement. 

The real thing is that in Mexico, weddings do not cost less versus other countries… thinking that you have to prepare a celebration for a specific amount of time. Having a budget helps but some suppliers charges in USD other in Pesos, if you add the travel expenses and stay then there is a difference but nothing huge… good news that you can save some money from Honeymoon if you stay in Mexico for it. 

We have our arms open for you, but being honest, would you compromise with a person for more or less a year if you are not feeling comfortable with? 

All that we want you to have an incredible experience working with us! 

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