Wedding Traditions we Love for a Destination Wedding


We hope that you are having an amazing time! We are getting ready for our next Destination Wedding in the meantime we would like to share with you those Wedding Traditions we Love for a Destination Wedding. 

Knowing that a Destination Wedding gives us also the chance to break some social rules and make of a wedding an unbelievable experience. 

Breaking the Glass tradition

This is one of our favorite Jewish traditions. In particular because of its meaning. With this, you are celebrating the fragility of the life and of course of this new relation. It reminds us that life could crush you, but never totally destroy you.  


Henna Hand Painting 

We know that this is a very South Asian tradition, and is becoming more and more popular. It is surrounded by mysticism. 

When you see it, in some way is kind of a “blood” mark, one that makes your life change and reborn in a new stage of life, as Married Couple.  

Still, if you are not sure it will suits you for your wedding, try these South Asian inspiration ideas!


Multicultural Wedding Traditions; Tie the knot

This a very nice tradition that you would find in different cultures. Celtic use to do it, and also here in Mexico our ancient cultures use to tie a part of their ceremonial cloths or a rebozo. Like this idea? Find more St. Patricks Inspiration.

Nowadays you can find this sample of Wedding traditions in the ceremonial Lazo, at Catholic ceremonies. 

It has a deep meaning of compromise, deep love and to work together for a common future. 


Glass Mixing Ceremony 

The Glass Mixing Ceremony is a variance of the Sand Ceremony. You use a specific Sandy Powder that can be colored. 

After a ceremony that mix is sent to convert into a vase, sculpture that can be customized as much as you want.

The meaning is the same as the Sand ceremony, in where 2 souls mix into one and as the sand does, it can be never separated. Cool right? 

Happy Planning! 

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