What to expect in a Jungle Wedding Ceremony


Wishing you the best from Mexico, and getting excited because most Covid restrictions start to change.

After a few weddings and Mayan ceremonies at different cenotes all over Riviera Maya and Tulum. We decided to write a little bit about,  what to expect in a Jungle Wedding Ceremony. In addition to that this a unique and cool idea, here are some things you must know. 




Morning  Wedding  Ceremony

This sounds weird, but there are good reasons why this happen

  • Good lighting: Remember that all around will be trees and jungle vegetation. Amazing and beautiful but the fact is that they block the daylight. Leave the sunset ceremony for an Elopement or a Mayan Ceremony inside a Cenote Cave.
  • Mosquitoes:  The jungle is their natural place to live. When the sunset starts place starts to get cooler and humid and mosquitoes adore that.
  • Humidity: Next to the mosquitoes humidity will appear when the sun starts to go down and the place starts to get cooler. 




Long Walks into the Jungle

Most of the cenotes or jungle venues are located far from the main road. The reason for this is to keep most of the vegetation. 

Talk with your wedding planner about this. With our services, we check if we have elder guests, kids, or guests with special needs. We do it with the intention to suggest the right place, or alternatives to move these special guests.  

Also, we suggest wearing comfy shoes like sneakers or tennis.  Wear fresh clothes, linen is a classic but a suit can be an option. 



Jungle Wedding Ceremony with a lack of facilities

For REAL. Some jungle venues and cenotes might not have facilities at all, or they have them but will need a lot of improvement. It is part of the experience. 

In the case of select a venue with these characteristics, we usually let you know in advance to be prepare.  This works great for elopement.

When you have more guests we will suggest different alternatives to keep everyone as comfortable as possible. 




Improve the experience

Having a destination wedding planner will be so helpful to improve and achieve a jungle wedding ceremony experience. 

We have a large catalog of cenotes and plenty of jungle options. We will suggest to you the options nearby and that fits your dream. 

Additionally, we include some extra touches to pamper you and your guests during the experience. 

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