Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas perfect for a getaway


Engagement season is quickly approaching! You might don’t know, but  Wedding Industry Professionals have something like Engage season. It is the time of the year when most couples got engaged meaning that we will be doing what we love for more time. Having a Romantic Marriage Proposal is very personal but here we can give you some ideas. 

Sailing to the sunset

You are on a vacation. Let´s say at Riviera Maya or Tulum; and not sure how you will propose to your partner? Well, what about have a dinner at a Yacht?

Having a small Yach for both will be a romantic option to ask if you want to spend the life together.

You can have some music, either live or recorded your choice! 

Surprise Jungle Tour Proposal

Are you the adventurous couple? Well, a jungle tour will be a great option to pop the question… how? Well, you can arrange to do a special stop just both of you at some point on the tour.

Then we can help you with some creative ideas, like have a bicycle with flowers and a sign, ask a parrot to pass a message, or during a Zipline Ride – All of these will require extra planning-  but we are here to help you with the adventurous ring proposal!  

Mystical Cenote Marriage Proposal

Face it, if you are Riviera Maya, Tulum or any other place at Quintana Roo Peninsula; you have to visit a Cenote!

They are mystical places connected with the past and therefore with the future.

Why not use a Cenote for a perfect and Romantic Marriage Proposal. Some cenotes allow you to have dinner, others to swim. 

Candlelight Beach picnic

This is an extra romantic idea! What`s more romantic that been with some candlelight under the stars?

Have a picnic on the beach is not very traditional, and at the same time remind us of our childhood. Making a proposal casual, fun and romantic!


If you decide to Pop the Question at Riviera Maya, we can work on something that better fit you as a couple. Something simple, very romantic and amazing, that you could literally feel the love in the air!


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