Civil weddings, legal documentation info



Is there someone who can handle the legal details for us and will guide us through the process?

  • Yes, the wedding coordinator deals directly with the local officials to coordinate the legalized wedding process.

What are the requirements to get a marriage license in your destination?

  • Valid passport
  • Tourist Cards (blue sheets that you receive at the airport)
  • Apostille certified birth certificates for Bride & Groom (see below)
  • If applicable, final Record of Divorce
  • If applicable, Death Certificate
  • Health certificate and blood test provided by a Mexican Official*
  • Bride & Groom must arrive 4 days prior to the ceremony! (Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays1 do not count). *Additional costs apply. Requirements to get married in Mexico:
  • Special Certificate (CIR): Letter certifies you don’t have a previous marriage registered in Quintana Roo State, this should process 1 month prior and we require copies of bride & groom passports to request a NONmarriage letter by Quintana Roo state,. *Additional costs apply

Are witnesses required?

  • Yes, four witnesses must arrive 4 days prior to the ceremony with passports and tourist cards (green sheet received at the airport), witnesses can be provided by Better Together Events Mexico if needed

What is an Apostille document, why do I need it and where do I get it?

  • Apostille is a French word that means certification. It is commonly used in English to refer to the legalization of a document for international use under the terms of the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. Documents that have been notarized by a notary public, and certain other documents, and then certified with a conformant apostille are accepted for legal use in all the nations that have signed the Hague Convention. (courtesy of Wikipedia,

I have divorced less than one year ago. Can I have my civil ceremony at your destination?

  • Unfortunately no. If you have been divorced you will need to wait at least one year before remarrying, and you must bring a copy of your divorce decree.

Can I translate my divorce decree and apostille document prior to my arrival to the resort?

  • No, this must be done in Mexico upon arrival and should be handled by the wedding coordinator. An extra fee applies.

Do we need proof of any medical tests?

  • Yes, a blood test must be taken in Mexico (see below).

Do I need a blood test and if so, what diseases does it check for?

  • Yes, to be considered valid the test must be taken in Mexico and should not be taken more than 14 days prior to the ceremony. The blood will be tested for HIV, RPR (sexually transmitted diseases) and blood type. The results will be ready in 24 hours together with a certificate of the blood test. Upon arrival, your wedding coordinator sets the appointment for the next morning.

What is the price of the blood test?

  • The payment is roughly $350 USD per couple. Blood test payment can be added in your wedding balance due.

Can I have a doctor perform the test in my country and take the results to the resort?

  • No, the test must be taken in Mexico in order to be valid, no exceptions.

Will I be able to participate in the wedding ceremony if the test comes back positive?

  • No, according to Mexican law, if your test comes back positive you can not be legally married in Mexico; however, we will offer you the option to do a symbolic ceremony.

What is the latest time that we can arrive at the resort for it to count toward the “business day” requirement?

  • Arrival day does not count, nor do weekends or Holidays. You must arrive 4 full business days prior

Is it performed in English or Spanish?

  • Most ceremonies are performed in Spanish with an English translator. Some judges speak English, however, we cannot guarantee which official will perform the ceremony. Ministers are fluent in English and are able to perform symbolic ceremonies in either language.

What if I don’t have a witness?

  • If there are no witnesses available, they can be provided at a nominal charge.

How do I get all of the information to my guests and keep everything organized?

  • Most destination brides chose to have an official wedding website. Some samples are available at We can help you to set your wedding website … not a problem!


If my name is different from the passport and birth certificate will this present problem?

  • Yes, in order for the documents to be finalized and legal in Mexico, there must be proof for different names in order to get married (ie divorce, birth certificates, etc). The wedding coordinator will be able to explain in further detail.

Will the judge perform the ceremony if all of our documents are not in order? Are there any exceptions?

  • No, there are no exceptions. All documents must be presented, and they must be in order for the ceremony to take place. If not, there is no ceremony.

Will our Marriage Certificate be legal in our country right after our Wedding day?

  • In case of legal (Civil) ceremonies, you will receive a Certificate in Spanish Version with all the signatures and fingerprints, this certificate WILL NOT be valid in your country, due to it is not apostille or validated. The City Hall will process the validation and translation into English of your Marriage Certificate, this process usually takes between 3 – 4 months (based on the City Hall timing response). Once this is ready we will notify you by email before sending you the Validated Certificate.