Religious Wedding


Bride and Groom should visit their parish personally and present:
 Baptism Certificate updated & first communion certificate (First Communion optional)
Confirmation certificate (optional)
4 witnesses that Bride and Groom have known for at least 3 years
Recent photographs of the bride and groom passport size.
Authorization letter from your Bishop to celebrate your marriage in another Dioceses outside of your Home area. (Carta de Traslado)

Bride and Groom should participate in their parish premarital wedding course (PRE CANA LESSONS) and ask for a letter that certifies that they took the course.
When all requirements have been met your parish will provide you with a letter authorizing the celebration of the wedding outside of your parish jurisdiction and certified by your archdioceses. It is important that this letter indicates the full name of the parish and priest who is allowing the wedding celebration.

You have to send these documents SCANNED, via email to our Local Parish. We will give you the address and the information

You have to include in the package:

– An original copy of your baptism certificate of both, bride and groom
– An original copy of your confirmation certificate of both, bride and groom
– And also, 4 recent photographs of the bride and groom passport size.
 In case you wish to bring your own Catholic Priest we need to receive the “Celebret” (Catholic Priest Credential) in order to verify if they are a Catholic Priest


Can I have a Catholic ceremony on the beach or gardens?

  • No, A Catholic Destination Wedding needs to follow rules and protocol because is  a blessed Sacrament.  The  wedding does need to take place in a Catholic church or Sacred Chapel. For more information about  chapels please write us.


This ceremony is not recognized as legal in Mexico or your home country. It is typically performed by a Non-Denominational, but can also be performed, for an additional fee, by a Religious Officiant. Some ministers speak English and for those who do not, the service is translated to English by our professional Wedding Coordinators.

Can I have a symbolic ceremony on the beach or gardens?

  • Yes you can do it.  Usually take place under an arch or gazebo.

Can I have a symbolic ceremony in a Church or Chapel?

  • No, these venues  are only for Catholic ceremonies