Killer Groom Wedding Outfits Perfect for Tropical Weather


We can forget about Grooms and Groomsmen, so these are some Killer Groom wedding outfits perfect for a tropical weather. Beachy, boho, and classy outfits to try out and don’t melt while you tie the knot.

We know tropical weather with humidity and temperatures above the 80s it can be tricky, in case of the Bridal Gown, it might be easy to solve,  backless dress, breezy fabrics, and some lace can help a lot; but what happened when is the Groom and his groomsmen

We understand that you want to look dress up and at the same time be comfortable and don’t melt during the ceremony and after party, so these are some samples that we also saw in our weddings. 


Linen Suit perfect as Groom  Wedding Outfits

This is one of the most popular groom weddings attire. In soft colors or dark colors, this fabric is breezy, comfy and perfect for the tropical weather, so you can still look all dress up for the occasion without feeling like a steak in the steamer.

Unfortunately, it gets winkle very easy, so check with your Wedding planner, hotel or venue if they offer the steam service. 

Bow tie and suspenders.

There are a lot of options but I  love this groom wedding outfits, for me, it is classy but still casual with all the laidback feeling. Perfect for Tulum Destination Weddings where it will match Tulum vibe.

Again fabric can be linen, and the suspenders will add a boho touch!

Because it only has the vest, you will look dressy.    


White Linen Shirt & Kahki pants 

This is the ultra-laidback groom wedding outfits option! Perfect for a beach wedding, a white linen shirt with Kahki pants is a winner card. 

Easy to find, to dress up and to match with the bridesmaid’s dresses, and additionally super, super breezy is the popular attire we had seen at most of our laidback feeling weddings. 

Again, check the possibility of steam this clothes. 


James bond style: Clear Jacket and dark pants suit

Would you imagine wearing this at your wedding?

This is perfect for a destination wedding, but also for an elegant event. I love it because it has all the James Bond feel, don’t you think? 

The clear jacket and the black bow tie just scream casual elegance! Of course can work for a beach wedding, but with a very elegant reception. 

Not matter what attire or outfit you decide to wear at your special day, the important is that you feel great about it, and at the same time be comfortable.  Consider the feeling or vibe of the event to define the style you want.

 We also suggest to wear a white under tanktop, I know it might sound weird for a tropical weather; but this under top will keep the sweet away your shirt which means that won’t appears at your portrait photos.  

Would you and your groomsmen wear any of this options? 


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