Horror Wedding Stories by a Romance Rockstar- Part 2


We promised, we deliver! Haha, this is the second part of our Horror Wedding Stories by a  Romance Rockstar.

Our top one horror story will be a Wedding Gown train damaged. The following story has a special place on things that a Romance Rockstar have to avoid, deal and solve during a wedding. 

The Wedding Couple 

What happened when you find a perfect couple to work with? Well, you work super hard to make things perfect for them. 

This is what occurred to us when we first met Chris & Tee, in special because you can feel how deeply and madly in love they are. 

They traveled from California to Tulum to book their Wedding Venues and start planning an amazing Destination Wedding Affair. 

It´s been our favorite and more challenging event since in a while…

Tulum´s Wedding Venue 

Wedding Ceremony was planned at a private house, afterward, we ´ll have dinner at nearby Restaurant and come back to the house to party and dancing. 

We have to say to as part of the logistics you have to move  80 people staying at different properties, times, access and backups… We can never imagine what’s coming next…

Horror Wedding Stories: an Unnoticed situation 

The day finally arrives, and everything just flows in such an amazing way. That feels like a dream.

Other professionals of the industry will agree on this.  When event flows from the beginning then you have a perfect day. When something will mess up;  you will notice that from moment one, because it is like a domino effect. 

Vendors and guests arrived on time; the ceremony was about to start. The guitarist was about to start playing and guests had been seated;  when a vendor came to notify us that Power Generator was not working!   The ceremony can be worked without it, but not the after party.


Romance Rockstars on Duty

The Wedding Ceremony and after photos went great! We invite all guest to the restaurant to start with the dinner.

On the backstage; we were trying to get a new power generator during a busy wedding weekend in the area. This starts to take us longer than expected, but not impossible. 

Do you remember what we told you about the Domino Effect? Cecilia has a friend that always mention the Murphy law, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”, that’s what happens on weddings!

So, We had the Bridal party ready to be announced right outside of the restaurant and 2 seconds before the start,  we have the most pouring rain ever!

The situation at our backstage? Well, no power generator yet, no good mobile signal – we have to run under the rain to make phone calls-  and our vendor confirmed us that fabrics to cover the dancefloor in case of rain, were no longer available. 

Murphy was having fun messing with us!  Fortunately, everyone was at the restaurant after been re-accommodate because of the rain. 


Party Time no matter what!  

How do we solve all this? Well, we keep a smile in our faces… at least we think we keep it. We finally got a new power generator, but it will take almost 2 hrs to arrive at Tulum. In the meantime, we kept the party at the Restaurant, dry and safe.

Rain stopped for a little, but still, we will need the fabrics in case of more rain. We use our creativity and voila! We got some coverage, that a few moments after proved to be useful. 

Our cherry in the pie?  We had a guest who collapsed on the dancefloor, and after we asked for an ambulance he feels great; the party continues no matter what. 

We had an amazing night, and a hed our friend Carolina Garcia, who was working that day with us.  Heavy rain the next morning and the following days… so we can say that Chris & Tee had been blessed with lots and lots of prosperity!

Honor to whom honor deserves. We got help from our Vendors an again, having a great team and Romance Rockstars planning your wedding;  probably can turn a “Murphy law” mess into a great night! 

Happy Planning! 



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