Horror Wedding Stories by a Romance Rockstar – Part 3


We hope you are having a great time! Yes, do have a Horror Wedding Stories by a Romance Rockstar Part 3! Actually, we were thinking to stop on Part 2. This kind of stories could be a little stressful for couples that just got engagement or couples that are right about to tie the know. 

What makes us change our minds? We got a press opportunity from Belief Wedding Planners, talking about the following story. That brought me the story to my mind. It`s been lost in our memory, but not from our Romance Rockstar Code; cause until today we can prevent and solve this kind of situation. 

This happened to Cecilia some time ago, she can still remember the feeling of lostness that she got. 

Our Lovely and Unique Couple! 

It was a regular day at  Mexican Caribbean, and I was just working on her desk trying to keep on track all emails, requests, and wedding couples. That morning a wedding couple should arrive. 

And they did. The hotel`s front desk, where I used to work, call me. My wedding couple just arrives and were asking for me. This is exciting – It thought – because we had been exchanging emails for a while but never meet in person. I knew they have planned an intimate ceremony; something in my bones told that that will be extra special! 

Kimberly & John was finalizing their check in when I arrive. It was a surprise to meet them. The Universe teach you as a Romance Rockstar love is Love. They meet for a couple of years ago, and of course, they were not a traditional couple. John was blind. Physically blind, because he had an amazing heart and Kimberly was able to see and love this. 

Horror Wedding Stories: Moment of True

And finally, the day had arrived! Yes, we were more than ready for Kimberly & John`s wedding. Beach looked stunning. Day amazing, dress ok, sound & system done, flowers on time. Everything was great but… as we told you before; Murphy was around, and ready to play with us. 

Guests start to arrive at the beach. The groom and his crew already “on position”, Judge present, and music playing in the background. Time for me to pick up our gorgeous bride. Few minutes after this she was walking down the aisle, with that look in her eyes, that can melt anyone’s heart. 

The ceremony continues as its own regular rhythm. I was nearby looking at them when a small murmur and guest moving around caught my attention. What’s going on? I approached a little bit more, to see to a frozen smile at Kimberly`s face and a look of panic into her eyes. 

Love Treasure hunting

I always believe that the Ceremony is not only the most important part of the wedding; because if the most intimate moment. So as a personal rule I developed a communication system to go inside without disturb… how? I use the photographer! 

Photographers that worked with me in the past like Juan Navarro from Novia Mia Photography, or also Nick Jimenez, had the chance to be part of this system.. thank you, guys! The photographer is the person that can approach the most without disturb because is part of the moment. They are in the ceremony perimeter, moving inside out, so easily can deliver a message, or something better. 

So we where with Kimberly frozen smile and a panic look into her eyes… what´s going on? Well, after chat 2 min with the photographer, I discovered that. Best mean had lost the wedding rings! Accidentally, they slip out his pockets and felt into the sand. 

Oh gosh! Sand!! Not grassy area, not a deck or the pool… the sand in the middle of a beach, of course! Once, before this experience, I and some friends had to look into the sand for my car keys in a lost beach from Mexico. So, by experience, I can tell you how hard and almost impossible mission I had on my hands. 

The show must continue, so, we continue the ceremony with a borrowed rings. In the meantime, we start treasure hunting. Well, it takes us closer than 3 hours, more than 5 people involved, and a lot of instruments, from a Metal detector to a strainer. 

Love was on their side. We finally found the rings. Kimberly & John were able to wear them as a memorial of their vows exchange. 

What you can do if you are in the same situation? 

Happy Planning! 








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