Real Destination Wedding: Miranda & Christopher


I worked with Miranda & Christopher for close than 1 year, and I can say that they are a great couple…! and their wedding can`t be less of that… Fun and a perfect match!
This is the story about this Real Destination Wedding
Miranda and Christopher Wedding 
Welcome: Wow! Just imagine a cocktail time with a small fire on the beach, something casual and perfect to “break the ice” between guests.. especially if most of them don´t know each other… additionally weather was perfect!
Wedding Ceremony: Performed at a Luxury All Inclusive Resort locate at Maroma Beach, which it is ranked the most beautiful beach in the world.. with the ceremony near to the sunset time; it was stunning! The best part? They toss beach balls at the end of the ceremony… OMG! what a wonderful pics they got with that idea!!! despite the weather… we did have a little bit of rain, but nothing that a couple umbrellas can`t be arranged…



Reception & Dinner at the same Resort, they decided to follow a simple, elegant beach style with all decor in white, and have a Dj for dancing during the night.

Farewell Cruise: After the wedding on Saturday, they decide to have a farewell cruise with drinks, so everyone was picked up from the Resort around  2:00 pm to start a  2 hrs cruise…
Overall, they give to their guests not only a Destination wedding, they also make of that, a great experience! that none of their guests will forget soon!… and extra points for the gorgeous pics they got… who was the photographer? our dear friend Juan Navarro. 


We were so honored to work with them, and help them that we can only say: Congratulations!!!! 



Happy Planning!

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