Real Wedding Chris & Tee: Sweet Wedding Weekend Affair


We love our couples, but this couple in special, earn our hearts.  Chris and Tee have a special vibe that is not easy to find. They contact us to plan their wedding at Tulum. Extra points. Her sister was a Wedding Planner at California. This is how this Sweet Wedding Weekend Affair start.

Universe conspiracy  

We truly believe that universe conspires to bring two people together…and that is so true! Chris & Tee love story starts when both decide to make a trip with their closest friends, one of the nights Tee and her friends here at the lobby of their hotel trying to do a picture.

When Chris saw that – he and his friends were staying also at the same hotel- approaches to the ladies, like a gentleman and offer himself to take the picture… and yes! Have a quick conversation with Tee! They were hitched at first sight! 

After they come back, coincidentally they both live in California, they start dating to find that Chris is a Gentleman but also a super fun, cool person… and Tee is a sweet, lovely girl, both with huge hearts. 

Few months after dating he Popped the Question, and she said: YES! They were IN LOVE, and after we met them, we can tell you that, you can see that love in their eyes. 

Adventurous Activities at Sweet Wedding Weekend Affair

We love to show you around and even go with you for those activities, remember that I`m crazy about outdoor activities, so when we booked a Cenote Tour with the whole group of 80 amazing friends of Chris and Tee, we can’t be more excited! 

Tour takes us a couple hours, and we swim us deep into a Cenote, the water was cool and some places extra dark. However, the place was incredible! You can actually feel a special energy around. 

Group also have Private Yoga lessons near at Sanara Hotel. What a better option to disconnect and relax and get prepared to be Marry! 

Warmest Welcome Dinner 

Welcome dinner was scheduled at Playa Canek beach, the place is small but offers a lot of intimacy. BBQ dinner was offered, drinks and a Fireshow with Water Drums were part of this warm welcome.  

During the night family and friends gave some speeches… you can feel how this family was full of love!

Romantic and unique Ceremony 

Nothing in the world will screen Chris & Tee like Tulum vibes. We met them and fell in love with this amazing couple. They have a super sweet ceremony at Casa Mahayana in Tulum, which is totally their style. 

Right before the ceremony, Tee asked is to schedule a completely different “first look” photo session. She gets a surprise for Chris. Cameras and Groom ready, here comes our Bride for her first look photo session, wearing a LOBSTER CUSTOME over her wedding dress!! How cool is that?? 

During the ceremony and vows exchange, we have a great Guitarist playing for them, and a mother nature gift, cause a nonidentity turtle nest located nearby just hatched and we can see small little turtles on their way to the ocean.  Call me crazy, but that plus the rain of that day, means for me, a lot of happiness and prosperity! 

Happy ever after 

Dinner was at Casa Banana Restaurant in Tulum, with a lot of greenery and candles, using their furniture, the place looked just so romantic. We actually had pouring rain right before we start the reception. The staff at Casa Banana was fast to accommodate us inside and keep us as dry as possible. 

After dinner was over the plan has been moved back to Mahayana house, where we can continue the party dancing and having fun. We do have a small challenge here – We will tell you more about this at  Part 2 of Horror Stories;  don’t miss that post! – anyway, everything went well and they have an unforgettable time ever! 

They have a great party, dancing, drinking and having fun at Mahayana house. 

We create such special bonds with our couples, that we miss them terribly! Especially because we do a weekly call with them… so we share laughs and jokes and special moments during a wedding planning. So Chris & Tee we miss you!! and are making all in our hands to see you again! In the meantime, we know that you will be great! You have such love to each other, that is not easy to find!

Special thanks to our friends and suppliers, and to Carolina Garcia who team up with us during this Unforgettable Affair.  

Decor and flowers: Natural Flowers

Photography: Playa Weddings

Catering Welcome Dinner: In Chef

Fireshow: Itzaes

Guitar Player: Javier Rojas

Cenote Tour: Mulix Tours

Video: With this ring



ChrisandTEElumWedding from Ythy Farnsworth on Vimeo

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