Stunning Elopement Ceremony


We just had the most stunning elopement ceremony on a catamaran in  Cancun. Danielle & Paul were a couple from Glasglow, Scotland and decide to have their wedding ceremony at the pristine ocean.


Their Love Story

It was some time ago when they met. Do you guess where? Working at a Cruise! Sailing around the world they fall in love.  However, their love story had a small twist.

After a time working and dating, cruise at work ends. Everyone has to go back to their own homes and real life.  Sadly this meant that they would have to split. It was a hard decision but at that moment, it looks like it was the path that life is marking. 


They return to Scotland, wishing for the best to each other, cause they won’t be sure that will see each other again cause only Danielle was living at Glasglow at that moment. 

Few years passed, each one continues with their lives and cherish great memories of their cruise love. Fortune played and an unpredictable day, Danielle & Paul meet again at Glasglow, where Paul just move it to start his own business. 

Instantaneously they felt  “butterflies” after seeing each other. They were still in love! With no doubts!  Paul “pop the question”, and decide that Cancun can be a stunning place to get married. 

Intimate Elopement Ceremony to tie the Knot

After we meet them, we totally feel the special connection between them, and the ocean… so no wonder why a Catamaran was a perfect scenario to tie the knot. 

We sail near to the sunset time… along with the photographer, the judge, and the catamaran crew.  Danielle`s brother gives her away, pulling away from her a traditional veil. Paul was already on the catamaran, waiting. 

Surrounded by Ocean, true witness of their love story. Danielle & Paul exchange vows and becomes one-single-soul. 

After the ceremony, they enjoyed some snacks. We love the customized box lunches prepared by Icaza Creativos Catering and had theIf you are looking just to scape with your love and get married, this is one of the best options at the Mexican Caribbean portrait pictures by NJ Photography.  What do you think about her Bridal bouquet? By Natural Flowers.

Would you like to see more pictures and know their comments, visit our storefront at Wedding Wire! 

If you are looking just to scape with your love and get married, this is one of the best options at the Mexican Caribbean. An intimate elopement ceremony.  We will be thrilled to go with you on this amazing love adventure.


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