Covid Elopements and Micro Weddings in Mexico

Alooo !

I know it’s been a while… how is your life in the new reality?  Our life changed a bit, but not our passion to help couples planning a wedding in Mexico. 

Elopements and micro weddings arrived to stay. They are no longer a reality, but many couples are now a necessity, and today I want to tell you a little more about how is getting married in Mexico during covid. 

Elopements  in  Mexico;  Symbolic, Legal or Mayan

Get legally married in Mexico has no changed a lot, requirements are the same, perhaps some City Halls require an extra letter or are closed, so check with your Wedding Planner on this. 

Using a face mask is required for inside spaces like the City Hall, but in outside areas; is your call, so you can decide if you want to wear the mask or not.




Vendors usually keep their masks and distances as much as possible and sanitize their products before delivery.  Many places and tours require to wear a face mask and measure your temperature for access. Be prepare! 

Micro Weddings in Mexico; facemasks off? 

What’s going on with a Micro Wedding in Mexico?  those weddings with less than 30 people. 

Those are amazing! you will find tons of posts about them as a trend because of the covid, in my experience, they always exist, but now more and more couples are considering them. 

Similar to an elopement; in the case of planing a micro wedding at an inside venue, you will require to wear a face mask and perhaps have your and your party temperature checked  upon arrival



Hotels, restaurants, and beach clubs, and most of the stores have added this protocol to their daily basis process.  Vendors added these protocols and sanitized their equipment as extra guaranteed.  

Here is where you have a twist because everyone is following a strict process,  in the case you want to bring your own decorations, you will have less time to set them up, as some vendors won’t be allowed to touch them because of these protocols … on top of that, you might have to sign a covid release letter. 


Elopements and Micro Weddings in Mexico; still a good idea? 

Definitely, YES

It is beautiful and safe! An Elopement would be intimate and unique as you are, additionally, you can spoil yourself by adding items for an unforgettable experience… you always can share this with your family and friends… and they will be always happy for you, no matter if they are present or not. 

There are trendy venue options for a Micro Wedding, some couples are concerned about if a micro wedding could be as fun as a large party? YES!



We planned small weddings of 9 or 10 people maximum; and they are having a Dj, dancefloor… and all the attitude to have fun and dance all night long.

You are your tribe and they are your vibe. 

Happy planning!

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