5 Tips to Decorate a Sweetheart table

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We know that you love to have your Wedding, and celebrate that special day!  Surfed the internet for best setups, and use Pinterest to work your inspirational ideas… when the moment has come you have your floor plan al set an ready to go. But then you notice that a small little detail is missed… how your Sweetheart table will look like?!
Some traditions are worth to keep and for some couples, the sweetheart table is a basic…

If you have a Destination Wedding it would be really hard to choose with whom should spend the dinner time…. Family, friends, bridal party?! … Some of them traveled long distances to be with you, others are your family… or your new family… and your friends are just so fun! … It is hard decision… so a sweetheart table gives you some of that mind peace and at the same time a space with your new husband.

These are 5 quick ways to decorate a sweetheart table and bring the spot to you for that day!
Different chairs Think of you like royalty, therefore you should have a special seat, and this must be gorgeous… it is easy to accomplish just adding a couple different chairs…


      Upgraded linens:  Tablecloths can be a huge improvement in your décor and price is not high, consider an upgraded option of table linens for your sweetheart table, try to stay in the color scheme so it will look upgraded not different.
3     Gorgeous Backdrop: Nothing upscale a sweetheart table like a nice backdrop, it would be done with a chandelier, or flowers, lights or flowers… you have a lot of options to choose!
4    Acrylic or different tables. Don’t be afraid to break some rules! The acrylic tables are perfect for weddings and to mix and match different themes, styles, etc… so consider one for your wedding sweetheart table, other option will be a rustic option, with no linens…
5    Add personal elements! Don’t forget to bring your own touch to this table, additional to the flowers, you can hang personalized Mr. & Mrs. Signs, or add your letter, candles, or lanterns…
This table has to be different but also romantic, play with those elements, based on your colors, theme, and feeling of the event!
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