Burlap Decor… Trendy eco-friendly decor option


We know that be Trendy not always means be friendly with our environment… why? Well because we need to preserved our future… Is not that a good reason?
Now there are a lot of things we can do on our wedding day to do it “Green”, or “Eco-friendly”…use natural fabrics is one of our favorites… burlap!
Why? Because is a fabric usually made from the skin of the Jute Plant or sisal fibers… noways we can see different ideas to use burlap fabrics for weddings, specially when we are talking about destination weddings… the natural color of the fabric blends perfectly with the ocean background, and at the same time add a touch of rustic ambiance to our weddings… if we add lace.. well it turns it out in something romantic!!!
Some ideas to add burlap in your wedding decor without going crazy:)
Place Cards: Small touch, nice and rustic.. specially if hang them from a cord….
Menus: This idea is great however we prefer something smaller for the table.. but you might like it…
Tablecloths: Burlap can make stand if you use it for tablecloths, consider then a
nice Mexican simple flower arrangement 
Table Runners: It will bring a touch of rustic ambiance to your table.. additionally, price is not to high!
Burlap Chair sashes: ok, it might be not an easy fabric to tide, but look great! specially with avantgard chairs, becuase the casual feeling of this chair.

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