Christmas inspiration for your Destination Wedding

Christmas inspiration for your Destination Wedding. Have a wedding during a holiday can be easily decorated with this fun tips.
Time goes away and Christmas is almost here! because of that, we prepare a post about Christmas inspiration for your Destination Wedding…
Have a Destination Wedding during holidays it might not be easy, with all the flights, hotels and a lot of people traveling at the same time, this can be a challenging situation… additional how you can decorate your wedding without leaving Christmas Inspiration behind… at the end… it is Christmas!
Therefore we find  5 tips to use Christmas Inspiration for your Destination Wedding. Have fun!
Gold Sequin Bridesmaids dresses:
Not sure why, but for some reason one of the most popular colors during Christmas is gold! You can add it to your bridesmaid’s dresses. it will look amazing under the sunset light.
Red Bouquets:
Red is the second favorite Christmas color. It can be very romantic and sexy! We suggest to use it for your Bridesmaids bouquets or for your Bridal bouquet.
Poinsettias for your table:
There are different options to use them, I personally prefer the silk or ” fake” ones with some glitter and candles…. but some real ones and candles; will also look amazing on your table or as detail for your table napkins…
Christmas inspiration place card:
Gold leaf as a super cute option, use a gold painted leaf as place card over the plate or the napkin. It will add a touch of color and glamour to your table.
Christmas inspiration favors
We all love favors, especially during a wedding. We always try to suggest those favors with some utility after a wedding. Christmas spheres and a bottle of mini sparkling wine with gold or red details can make the difference and your guests will love them!
So, if you are planning a Destination Wedding… contact us! 
Happy Planning and Merry Christmas!! 


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