Cinco de Mayo…Mexican Inspired Wedding Ideas!


Cinco de Mayo

cinco de mayo sombrero
Maybe a day devoted to eating tortilla chips and wearing sombreros for you and your amigos, but there’s much more to the holiday. 
First of all, let´s clarify the meaning of this holiday.  Cinco de Mayo officially commemorates the anniversary of an early victory by Mexican forces over French forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. It is not the anniversary of the defeat and expulsion of the French forces by the Mexicans, which occurred in 1867. It is also not, as is often assumed, the day of Mexico’s celebrations of independence, which are actually held on September 16. It is believed that the origins of Cinco de Mayo celebrations lie in the responses of Mexicans living in California in the 1860s to French rule in Mexico at that time.
cinco de mayo Puebla
Daniel Ramirez Photographer
Cinco de Mayo is a bigger deal in the United States. In fact, the world’s largest Cinco celebration takes place in Los Angeles. Cities like New York City, Denver, and Houston also throw large parties in honor of the day. In Mexico, the day is observed with political speeches and battle reenactments. Many of the actual celebration and battle re-enactment takes place in Puebla. Ohhh! Puebla de Los Angeles, a beautiful Colonial City with gorgeous venues, gardens, haciendas and their extraordinary gastronomy for destination weddings as well (and where Vanessa our wedding coordinator was born)

Mexican Inspired Wedding Ideas

 As we always do, take any opportunity to honor our Mexican Culture full of life and personality, giving you some fun and festive wedding. Perfect for the bride and groom who aren’t afraid of a little color! Fiesta inspiration ideas with bright colors and mouth-watering menus. So, is Cinco de Mayo and let’s talk about Fiesta!
For example, this beautiful table set up, simple but with a lot of colors and as we love details, look the  handmade hand fan, this will be very helpful for your guests  
cinco de mayo decor
cinco de mayo canapes

Traditional Mexican foods include spicy rice, beans, tortilla dishes whose main ingredients are chicken and beef. Like these delicious Sopes as appetizers.

cinco de mayo mariachi

If you don´t have Mariachi music, you can not tell that is a Mexican Fiesta!!! So they have to be the first option for music on your list.

Mariachi means FIESTA. This is its core and principal and you can’t experience Mariachi without smiling, dancing and downing Tequila shots (well, you can down tap water if you like).  – See more at:
Mariachi means FIESTA. This is its core and principal and you can’t experience Mariachi without smiling, dancing and downing Tequila shots (well, you can down tap water if you like).  – See more at:
And we can´t forget about the drinks Tequila, rum, whiskey, vodka, and beer are usually taken at weddings. Local spirits like  Mezcal a liqueur from Oaxaca and Xtabentún.  The Xtabentún is a Mayan liqueur, originally from Yucatan, made with fermented honey bees that feed on a flower called xtabentún.
cinco de mayo mexican favors


You can´t forget some favors for your guests like this mini Tequila bottles. It is a great gift and something representative.  Several of our couples ask us for wedding favors with  Tequila Patrón that is very popular at the U.S. Well let me tell you that the Tequila Patron in México you can´t find the 50ml version for favors. We suggest you Don Julio, Jose Cuervo, and Tequila Corralejo. This is the most popular tequilas and is very easy to find.
Well, now you know a little bit more of our history and with this inspiration, I am sure maybe you’ll be having a  Mexican theme wedding!  here at the beautiful beaches of Riviera Maya or maybe in an incredible Hacienda.  Mexico has a  lot of  gorgeous  venues  for your Destination Wedding
Ay Ay Ay! Happy Planning!

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