Dia de Muertos Inspired Decor


I know we all love México! 

It is fun, it is sunny, it is gorgeous… it is a paradise and has tequila!!! We all love Mexican Destination Weddings and add a few touches of its folklore and traditions to weddings… 
Did you ever hear about Dia de Muertos? It is an ancient tradition that Mexicans practiced before the Spanish Conquer, nowadays is a great celebration where most of us follow… what we do usually surprise to all foreign people… but at the end, they surround to the enchant of this day! 

Dia de Muertos Inspired Decor

Most of all have a passed loved one… it is sad but in Mexico we prepare an “altar” to honor them during the Dia de Muertos, we set flowers, candles, sugar or chocolate skulls, food, and a picture of those who leave “ahead of us” … at some areas from Mexico we decor also their gravestone with the same elements, visit them at cemetery, bring some Mariachi band, tequila and celebrate with them their special day… because it means that for 1 day they can visit us and spend some time with us… I know! sounds creepy .. but It is just the way we are,  even in death we find a way to celebrate.


Another image very popular from “Dia de Muertos” is the ” Catrina”, how did her first appearance thanks to Diego Rivera… Frida`s Kahlo husband… hum! I didn’t know that.. but thanks, Diego!! we love our Catrina,  even if represents the “Dead”.
Given this points, I`m sure you are thinking, how is this related to wedding planning?… and why this post for a wedding topic?  
We are about to celebrate our “Dia de Muertos”  which is each Nov. 1st and 2nd … yes! right after Halloween!… but this special folklore of Mexico can be also used to inspire a great wedding theme… not worry, we are not asking you to add skulls all over your wedding decor… 
Nick & Rebekah become now Mr & Mrs. Hale… just couple weeks ago at one of our favorite locations, Maroma Beach, their ceremony set up was clear, elegant and all white inspired. Additionally, they took advantage of the landscaping they create something special… but their wedding reception decor was a different story. 
Color Scheme: 
You will find oranges, greens, yellows, hot pink, purple flowers at Rebekah`s bridal bouquet, and even as part of the table centerpieces… 
Just the right amount of color to pop up during the photo session… and Brides Maids dresses? Orange and Hot pink! 
Also, Silver Chiavari Chairs were especially decor with colored ribbon in hot pink, teal an orange using silver tablecloths, silver candle holders.
As a compliment, Hot pink & orange napkins add just the right pop of color to make the set up vibrant,  teal runner add a touch elegance, but the sparkly tablecloths make it glamorous! 
How they create a romantic atmosphere? Easy… a lot of candles!!! candles floating on the pool, candles on the table.. candles, candles, candles… most of them power lit candles… extra point for that!!!

Ok, we are getting closer… Did you ever see those Sr. & Sra. Signs? I`m sure you did! in a lot of different styles, colors, forms.. etc.. etc.. 
What about a Catrina & Catrin Signs?
It is a different style,  but I have to say that I totally fell in love with those signs and how well they use them.
On the other hand, I loved to work with this special couple, and really I wish them the best. We have a few drops of water, which make us all of us little nervous about weather conditions, but remember that rain it could also mean “good luck”! 
Wondering who help us to work this lovely wedding? Well, thanks to our friends from planner1events and Canteiro Wedding Expert, and coordination?… me!  Cecilia Reyes.
Happy Planning! 


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