Planning Green Destination Weddings


It is a trend now in our days. Having a party and leave a small footprint on the planet is the new way to show the love of family and love for the planet. Today environmentally conscious couples are incorporating their beliefs in their wedding plans.
The impulse to use organic materials, recycled things and objects made by hand, make the Green or Ecological Wedding take popularity.
Green weddings can be achieved in small steps or giant leaps. Every small step is a positive step for the environment. Some couples make their effort  to have as close as they can to a hundred percent green wedding, but that’s impossible. Some of them, easily incorporate small ecological details.
Many couples mistakenly believe that a green wedding bohemian equals bad taste, and overall quality sacrifice. This not true, if is done correctly, the wedding will be as elegant or ecological luxurious as the couple want it to be, but more aware of the environment, of course.
Better Together Mexico help you to  organize  Green Weddings . We provide unforgettable experiences grooms on their wedding day reducing the impact on the environment.
All equipment used for events is recyclable or adapted to new concepts of wedding design. The locations are at the beach, or in gardens surrounded by greenery in the area.
Our team has experience and commitment to the environment. We are in the process of certification for design and wedding planning in this area. 

Planning a wedding ecological forces you to get out of the typical and be original. A wedding is a memorable wedding different. Make the difference with yours!

Happy Planning

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