Luxury and Breathtaking Wedding Styles to obsess over


We had seen a lot of ideas and new styles all around our so we show you our favorites Wedding Styles to obsess over with touches of Marble, Cooper, and other details to prepare an amazing affair.

There are tons of styles! The important part when you decide in one is that truly reflects you… We have seen lots of couples, and once you see their wedding ideas and we said yes, this is totally them! 

Luxury Marble

Call us crazy, but we are in love with Marble details! It is luxury, elegant, and easily match almost wedding colors… It can be white Marble with Rose Gold tones, or Black Marble with Gold or silver… your pick! 

With Marble is easy not makes mistakes, but please consider this option for a Wedding style that can be little more traditional, which means that if you are planning a Destination Wedding then a 3-course meal sitdown dinner in a venue where guests can wear formal shoes and clothes will be a must. 

Because this is a luxury style you can check for Gowns Inspiration at our Oscars Red Carpet Gowns worthy of your Wedding Dress


The unexpected beauty of the Cooper

It might not be a favorite color, but if you think it a little bit, it is so versatile… almost like a gold, rose gold and silver! This color will match tons of wedding styles options, can you imagine this color mixed with a Mexican Chic theme? 

Also, we can imagine this color mixed with some industrial-blue hue or a neutral palette… and you know it can be perfect for indoors or outdoors event, you only have to decide with what you will be pairing it. 


Elegant and Vibrant Tropical Gatsby 

This will be a perfect sample of how 2 wedding styles can be combined to create an amazing combo! 

Gatsby style went so IN right after the movie releases, but mixed with the tropical style it is not only perfect for a chic Destination Wedding but also it will scream elegance! 

As extra points this style can be easily paired with the Bridesmaids dresses trends we mentioned in a past post. 

The main concept of this proposal, is the mixture of gold with greenery and some touches of a dark color or black… would you try it? 


The simple elegance of the Lush Industrial 

Industrial went so in vogue some few time ago… the pro from this style is that you take advantage of the beauty of those unfinished areas. 

Speaking of a Destination Wedding have an industrial wedding could be tricky but with some creativity, this can change!

Imagine your ceremony by the beach with just a few decor elements and your reception at a warehouse… what an unexpected change for your guests!  

What are your thoughts about these wedding styles proposals?  Would you use any of those at your wedding or any other event? Do you like more ideas about decor check out the blog    and the Pinterest board for more inspiration


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