St. Patrick´s Wedding Inspiration that rocks for your wedding


One of our favorite celebrations at Better Together Mexico is St. Patrick´s! Therefore a post about  St. Patrick´s Wedding inspiration that rocks for your destination wedding post would be something that we died to do, and talk about chic and elegant ideas to celebrate this special day or add into your wedding.

Greenery ideas

There are tons of ideas for weddings out there, and some more for Destination Weddings, right? but we can take little inspiration and create a unique celebration.

We have seen a lot of greenery; especially when you are getting married at Tulum, Riviera Maya or Cancun… well remember that Green is the color of St. Patrick’s day, so why not use a little of it for your wedding palette?


Alternative Ceremony 

Perhaps you are not so into the idea of use green when the color of the year is ultraviolet, and you are leaning towards a non-traditional ceremony… consider an alternative ceremony like a Mayan Ceremony, or even a Celtic Ceremony… the ceremony of the knot is beautiful and despite you need mountains for your Celtic Wedding, of course, you can add a Celtic ceremony knot to a symbolic ceremony… sounds fun, right?  And additionally, is perfect for St. Patrick´s Inspiration Wedding ideas.

As an extra point! We just met a Wika!! Gina was amazing during our Traditions Workshop and met her was so incredible for us!!

This gives us extra options for non-traditional destination weddings ceremonies.

Inspirational Favors

There can be a lot of options for your favors, but what about little shamrocks for your favors?

Did you think on Koozies for beers? Not everything has to be green, rainbow, gold, you only have to add little inspiration to suggest the idea… it is your wedding not a loud celebration of St. Patrick´s day, so let’s keep our ideas focus…


St. Patrick´s Wedding details in your table

Omg! Decorate Wedding reception tables is one of my favorites things to do! In this case, we can add a touch of green or go wild! My preference is always, balance unless our clients prefer wild!

What do you think of this black, gold and green table set up? Love how the gold pops-up on the table to add a touch of glamour to the black! Perfect match, perfect balance…

It is elegant and daring!  Is that still too much for you? Well, what about this stripes, gold, and green set up? It is chic and unconventional.


St. Patrick´s Wedding Inspiration Cocktails! 

We had seen a lot of couples doing a signature cocktail because is a cocktail they loved or the one they have during their first date, each couple has a reason, however, if you are not sure and still want to add this idea to your wedding program, what about an Irish Sur Apple Cocktail? 

Either if some of you are also Irish or love St. Patrick’s celebration this will be a fun and refreshing idea to welcome your guests. 


Lady, just move aside! After plan weddings for more than a decade, see this kind of hairpiece just make my jaw drop it is just so feminine!  It is the perfect inspiration for an St. Patrick´s wedding or any wedding! 

Other options for your hair will be flower crowns or just greenery crowns…

Tell us, would you use any of these ideas for your destination wedding? 


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