Valentine Inspiration for your Destination Wedding


We would like to share with you some, Valentine inspiration for your Destination Wedding, add extra Romanticism to your Wedding or to your elopement ceremony with this ideas.

Red Roses

There is nothing more romantic than Red Roses! They are perfect Valentine inspiration for your Destination Wedding and add a touch of romance, passion, and love to your image, you can use them for your centerpieces or for your bouquet… still not sure how it would look like? Check our post for our Real Destination Wedding Martha & Helios

Not sure if this will fit your style… other option will have red roses bouquets for your Bridesmaids, or a red rose clip in your hear will be a perfect detail for a perfect day!

Passion Red Details 

valentine inspiration roses hairA wedding or even a Destination Wedding is also about passion, passion for life, travel or enjoy life with family and friends, so red passion details will add an extra romantic touch to such special day! 


Try to have your shoes in red, or if you rather so, your bridesmaid’s shoes. It won’t only looks amazing in the photos but also will create an extra special bond with your friends. 

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts


valentine inspiration heart shapes

A Heart backdrop with red flowers! Well, I died when I saw this pic!  The round backdrops are so in right now, but this extra-super-romantic twist is awesome! It is simple, pretty and of course, you don’t go crazy with the heart shape so it is perfect! 


You can add also touches of hearts in the food like the ideas below, or in your guest favors, napkins or invites… our suggest keep it simple, is always keep it elegant. 

Eat, Love & Be Marry

valentine inspiration drinks

Besides the love in the air, there is nothing better in a destination wedding than the FOOD! to be honest is the second most important thing that guest will remember… how a good time they had and the food! So you can add special details to this, like heart shape fruit to you champagne, or red colored cake… oh! the traditional Red Velvet cake! 


Boudoir photo session

valentine inspiration boudoir photo

This will be an extra tip! It is not for everyone, but taking advantage of your Destination Wedding you can schedule a quick boudoir session while you are getting ready.  You can have them ready as a present for your first anniversary or birthday together! 

Quick tips about this:

1. You need to feel comfortable with your photographer.

2. Consider this in your wedding timeline and budget; because it might take time and therefore perhaps it will increase a little extra money in your budget. 


The good thing about a Destination Wedding is that you are traveling with your family and friends so, you can break some rules… don’t you think?

Happy Planning! 

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