Wedding Inspiration Cinco de Mayo


I hope this post find you excellent!  May is here and with that some traditions that we can use to inspired us for your wedding in that date or for a future wedding with Mexican Flavor and color! 

 Wedding Inspiration Cinco de Mayo

 We all know that México is vibrant, colorful, and has great food, music and we love to party a lot! so why not try to use some of those elements for your wedding.  Let´s break the rules!
 Quick options on how you can use them: 
  • Flowers: Try vibrant colors and local flowers like Bugambilias… these are great flowers… despite they are local it might be little pricy cause they are usually garden flowers, so florist do not cultivate them in regular basis like another kind of flowers… but sunflowers, roses, birds of paradise also will add that Mexican touch with their colors. 

Decor: This is the fun part!! we can add paper flags / papel picado, they came is different colors, and will add a festive ambiance… you don’t want to go wild with the colors, then have them in white with some string lights, at night it will look just so romantic! 
  • Favors: Are special treats for your guests, a simple way to say, “I love you and thank you to be with us!”, so why not do Mezcal shots as favors? There are different options, the most traditional the ones with the border in blue… worry that those will break during your trip… visit our website! We are preparing an online store for you!
  • Traditions: The veil is a great tradition cause most of our weddings are Catholic, however,  we add a Mayan ceremony is you are getting married at Riviera Maya, but also something more simple uses a Lace Veil or do the “Lasso” ceremony on your actual ceremony.. it could be as traditional as you want or just a large garland of flowers to tie you both!! 
  • Food: we all love the food, but besides the “Tacos” we can do Pozole or Elotes or also do Churros at the end of the night for those guests who like the sweets! 




  • Entertainment: Mariachi!!! I know that´s the first thing that comes to your mind; but why not add an extra option, a “Fortune birds”, small birds who pick out a little piece of paper with your fortune on it. It just so fun!!! Contact our friends from Musik-Entertainment they will be happy to assist you! besides these services they great musicians options.


So, if you are planning a wedding with a hint of Mexican flavor, or something more contemporaneous, don’t forget to contact us! 
We will be happy to help you! 
Happy Planning! 


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