Wedding Inspiration Pantone 2017


New season is here! We have some tips on how use the spring colors 2017 that Pantone launched; totally in time for some Wedding Inspiration! … I`m super excited to know which will be the color (s) of the year! …. 
Well, we will have a very vibrant year, with a lot of colors and perfect for a Destination Wedding, and also it would be room for romance and traditional colors. 
Primrose Yellow, Pale Dogwood, Greenery and Kale green tones, Hazelnut and Flame color, just to mention some of the colors. It would be an endless room to mix, match or just use them alone! 
We already have seen some of the colors working together like the Kale and Hazelnut in Organic Themed weddings, where green is the King; or we also have seen how Pale Dogwood inspired florals add a touch of romance to our Wedding Palette.
The surprises are the Primrose Yellow and Flame colors, those vibrant colors will be the king for Spring and Summer weddings, specially if you are planning to get marry in a tropical destination feeling your toes in the sand and these colors will do a perfect match with the turquoise ocean colors and tropical flavors and give you a gorgeous frame for an unforgettable Destination Wedding to say “I do” while you tie the knot!
How to use them? I suggest to use them in different ways, neutral colors like the Kale or the Hazelnut are easy to add and match to most of the ideas… Primrose and Flame will work better together, for a sample of flowers, centerpieces or even with Bridesmaids dresses… A wedding full of color and vibrant will allow you to use both colors at the same time in large versions… 
Not sure if you want to be so bold? No problem at all, those colors can be used in small details like flowers, centerpieces, runners, napkins or favors… so don’t be shy! 
Let`s play with the colors and get some inspiration for your wedding! it is time to surf the internet and find some pictures at Pinterest or other websites. 

Are those colors not matching your personal style or your love story? Well Pantone offers a lot of options, we still are seen Quartz Rose and Serenity blue inspired weddings and I`m sure Organic Theme weddings will be a trend that will stay for little longer probably with a twist of color or be keeping a neutral ideas… but also adding some vintage inspiration, like lace runners… weddings suppose to be romantic and the same time fun… our challenge, that truly reflexes your love story and personality.

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Planning a wedding and need some help? 
Happy Planning! 


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