Wedding trends perfect for 2017

We are still waiting to know which will be the Pantone color or colors for 2017, despite we already seen some colors for next spring!  are no sure which are they? we check our Wedding Pantone Inspiration 2017 post about it.
Some of the themes that we will see this year for decorating weddings, that can also be used for Destination Weddings might be: 
Tropical: A lot of colors! because that is perfect for a Destination Wedding near to the ocean.. perhaps in Mexico or other beaches, where white sands and turquoise ocean will be the perfect background for this theme colorful and fun decor! 
Greenery: We seen this theme  very often during this year, it is easy to replicate, organic and super romantic, it has the green color as the “king”, fewer flowers and also candles, lots of candles… colors are easy for a Destination Wedding by the Ocean or can also use it for a Historical City like San Miguel de Allende,  Puebla or Morelos, where old haciendas will provide a romantic frame for all that green!. 
Neutral and Fairy Tale: Those are two different themes but still options to  use… the Neutral theme will fit all places and will be romantic enough, because its colors… in case of a far- from home wedding and perhaps not so far, a tan or neutral suit for your “partner in crime” will be perfect for this occasion.. and Fairytale theme wedding; well… it is super romantic full of blush colors, and romantic details that convert your wedding in… a fairy tale! 
Watermelon: Well we have to say, that our Jessie & Jason Real Wedding, it was a “trendsetter”! they use the watermelon or peach color for their wedding, and with that color, they evoked a romantic and idyllic Destination Wedding! 
Still, we will see some themes like Forest, Boho, Vintage and Barns weddings, however in Mexico for a Destination Wedding some of them will be hard to accomplish for example the Barn themed… don’t forget that some themes can be mixed in details! for example; what about a Neutral or Fairytale theme that contains some vintage elements? Try it! 
Some rules are meant to be broken! 
Just engaged this season and not sure where you should start?
We will be happy to conspire with you and create that magic moment that a Wedding or Destination Wedding is meant to be!  
Happy Planning! 

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