Soul of Romance Rockstars 

Better Together Mexico Destination Weddings, born from the enthusiasm of Cecilia Reyes & Vanessa Pedraza.

Believers that universe conspires to put on your way the right person for your life. Your ” Partner in Crime”

We decided to team up after discovering that we share the same passion for helping couples to achieve the lifetime adventure of a dreamed wedding.

As a creative team, we are always looking to reflect the couple´s ideas and personal vibe; making of the destination wedding planning in Mexico a stunning, unique, and enjoyable experience for all.

It is clear for us that a Destination Wedding Planning in Mexico, or anywhere should be  effortless, breathtaking, fun and authentic… just like each couple.

We understand that we are also the beating heart of it and love to be involved but must of all we are excited for the idea to transform our Wedding Couples relations into a real friendship. 

But, we accept that perhaps… We might NOT be the Right Wedding Planner for You.

Romane Rockstars & Destination Wedding Planning in Mexico 

 Cecilia Reyes…  

Co-Founder of Better Together Mexico is quite a curious person I`m always looking for new challenges. My love for Weddings starts at my Parents Wedding. I was about 8 or 9 years old; my first assignment was to be the camera-child. I was so proud of myself! I do remember me walking around and recording everything. My mom in her bridal gown my dad all nervous, and my family cheering them up and standing by their side. I also remember some tears during the ceremony, and the party was simple but full of laughs. Looking back I feel so grateful to share this time with all of them, even with those that are no longer with us. This is why I love Weddings. They remind me of all the happiness of my own wedding and my parent’s wedding, with the promise of a great future. 

My official start as a wedding planner goes back to 2008 when unexpectedly had the chance to lead the opening of the Wedding Department for a Hotel of the Secrets Resorts brand.  After a few years later;  made a  collaboration with the Technological University of the Riviera Maya as a part-time teacher; as part of that believe that my experience can serve for more. Additionally, you can find me making some Paddleboard, Horseback riding, dancing, reading a book, traveling, taking some weird course. enjoying a glass of wine or spending time with my family or my friends… nevertheless, my passion is to be Wedding Planner!

Fun facts:

  • | I wear unmatching socks ! … just for fun (you know! Let’s break some rules)
  • | 90% of my emails sentences are finished with 🙂
  • | I believe that ALL dreams are always possible.



Vanessa Pedraza…   

Co-Founder of Better Together Mexico, entrepreneur, digital marketing fan… and a true believer that love is endless. My affair with Weddings is more in the stylish part. When I was a kid my mom used to decor the house each season, and each time was a complete celebration full of laughs, music, and dancing. Still today I love to decorate my house in that same way, and translate that info the wedding tablescape, adding small details, flowers, vases, ribbons, everything can work amazing to stylish a table. My love for weddings is the love of a shared dream. I can dream with them and celebrate their love in the same way, my family celebrates each season. Each ceremony brings back that small child who dances with her mom while we set our Christmas table. 

My experience in the Hotel Industry, customer service, public relations, sales, Business strategies in Digital Marketing, adds a different perspective to each event, and eventually I decided to take the Certification in Weddings Beautiful Worldwide and ABC Member (Association of Bridal Consultants), and been Certified in Green Weddings and got the  certification in Jewish Weddings.

I love to learn and always looking for new ideas or useful things to create and share with everyone, experiment and visit new places.
I´m  also like to be well informed about the evolving of marketing online and new
ways of sales.

Till now, every step that I made has been a great experience, full of new challenges and a great journey

Fun Facts:

  • | I am dreamy and romantic!
  • | I love to discover new places to eat
  • | I consider: energy + will + good attitude = success. … Things happen !!






That life-changing coffee 

We meet during college at the University of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP), where a true friendship started, besides those classes we took together, we also did synchronized swimming. Then time goes away and we got a Hospitality degree. 

Our lives continue separately, working in the hospitality industry. Until the day we found us at a small cafe in Playa del Carmen.

A few years after been apart to each other, but always connected, that was the day we decided to “joined forces” and create a Wedding Planning Studio that transforms a love celebration into unforgettable experiences. 

Understanding that continuous preparation is a key, we also actively participate in courses, and activities performed by associations related to the wedding or other industries.

We would like to see that Better Together Mexico is recognized as a company that celebrates the awesomeness of each love story… And why not? Being recognized as TRENDSETTERS! 

Happy Planning!