3 Venues we are in Love with in Riviera Maya


How are you today! i hope wonderful… after think and re-think about what works best for a wedding, we decide to mention 3 venues that we love for our weddings… of course the last word is yours but … you know as Wedding Planner you always have your heart set for specific venues, specially because they are easy to work with or just because they are beautiful.

3 Venues we are in Love with in Riviera Maya

Here is our very, very quick list.

Villa  la Joya. Located at Playa Paraiso, it is a large and marbol Villa that`s overlooing the ocean, it perhaps not the cheapest option but is one of the most gorgeous, especially if you are looking for an non- beach wedding… unfortunately – fortunately, the beach area at the villa is not the best part of it… but still really is nice for a wedding…

Beach. We are located at Riviera Maya, therefore a beach is one of the top options, what beach? Maroma Beach.. they are couple small  hotels that are part of our top choices because their white poder sands and turquoise waters.

Cenote. These are our most spiritual option for a Mayan eremony, we love the idea of have your wedding near to a cenote… the entrance to a spiritual world as per Mayan´s believe.. and also pictures are gorgeous.
I know you would like to know what other options exists for your wedding venue.. well in this case the sky is the limit… did you hear about the Impossible Wedding captured by Del Sol Photography? It was an amazing wedding did right on the Ocean.. so why not? … we will be happy to help you with that special ideas, and all the logistics they might imply…

As you`ll see, we are more “fans” of private venues, because they allow you to play with more elements, and also because usually beach is not so crowded, and you have the space all for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed this quick list… Call us! and plan a venue site inspection. We`ll be happy to help you!

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