Mistakes to avoid at a Destination Wedding Planning

I hope you are great!  and excited about your upcoming wedding or cause you just start with your wedding planning… and have a great idea of a Destination Wedding… let´s face it! most of all love the beach…
So let`s talk about mistakes!  Yes, they are great in life cause can teach us a lot of things… but for Wedding Planning, just a few of them will save us a lot of problems or stressful moments. 

1. Not knowing the weather: This is crucial if you are planning an outdoor Destination Wedding, if you are not sure how the weather is in the area you can do a quick check at google or ask your travel agent and or wedding planner… 

2. No having a Travel Agent: Most of the couples that are getting married these days, hear many years ago that  profession was about to disappear due to internet and all the technology… well  I love the get my tickets online and do most by myself however there are specifics that even with a decade in the tourism I don’t know about travel, for sample, do you require visa?, do you pay taxes at entry or once you are leaving the country? are those taxes included in my flights? just to give you some samples that I`d face in the past…. and I was not planning a wedding. 
Wedding Specialist

3. No having a on-site Wedding Planner: I know that it would sounds “interesting” communing from a Wedding Planner and actually sounds so like a ” Ads” but it is right not only myself but also many other Wedding Planners are in the area to assist you… doing? knowing the area, weather, professional suppliers, activities, back up, and providing you with all their experience to make of a Destination Wedding something to remember. 

4. Having the wrong Wedding Outfit:  I know that you just felt in love of THAT wedding gown with a lot of tulle layers! we all do! … but… is your wedding at the beach? is your wedding in Mexico or Caribbean where the regular temperature is around 80´s ? so are you sure that you want THAT dress? … and now for the boys, they all look handsome with a Tux.. but please consider more light fabrics… you want to enjoy your wedding and reception, and not spend most part of the day in a living sauna, and trying to rip off your gowns. 

5. No consider special people: I`ll have to say grandpas and kids, consider them a little bit when you define your ceremony time and venue…. for sample, I got marry at Tulum in August, so I did it at sunset, we did the wedding in a Hotel specially because it would be easier for the parents with kids to ask for a baby sitter service if they want, second cause my father-in-law is in a wheel chair so the hotel offers handicap rooms and a doctor onsite… then we tried to have all events, dinner, cocktail and ceremony as much close as possible in that way they don’t have to walk so far… not only my father – in – law, but also the grandmas… but with a wedding in a Hotel we have to finish the reception earlier.. but have them happy and enjoying our wedding it was more than enough for us..

Do you need help to plan your wedding? 
Happy Planning! 


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