5 Reasons for an Intimate Destination Wedding


After announcing the big news about your engagement!…  I`m sure you`s excited to start looking for venues, honeymoon destinations, and the perfect venue to say I DO! 
The festivities also leave you with a lot of questions… thanks to the family! where would be the wedding, when, how, time of the day… etc, etc, etc… you know… all those questions that family shot right after the engagement news are delivery… so you only, smile and try to respond as polity as possible to those questions…be patience,  all this is part of this new adventure.
Review your options and speak with your partner; honestly that will be our best advice, wedding is about both of you… so don’t be afraid.. if you already decided on a Destination Wedding, but don’t want to have a 150 o more guests… try to have an Intimate Destination Wedding, where a small party with no more of 50 people can make the difference… why? 

It is just family & Closest friends: In my case, the family becomes first and my closest friends with the time become part of that family… so when we got married our top guests in the list was our family… 

Have more time to spend with them: Have a small party allow you to spend more time with them, it is easier to plan a small breakfast with some of them, and they spend the day by the ocean with the rest… 
Reduce Destination Wedding Cost: Touche!  yes.. a small guest list can be translated into a smaller wedding cost… that doest meaning that you wouldn’t have a nice party or a nice glam dinner.. but it is clear that feed 20 or 50 people won’t cost the same to feed 120 or 150 … 

Easy to plan activities together. Have you ever tried to plan an activity with more than 8 people? it could be challenging… I´d been trying for 5 years or more to have a small gathering with my college friends .. and still trying!… anyway, an intimate wedding will allow and also leave enough room to plan things together or not, and still feel that you spend enough time with them.

Find beautiful venues: Plan a large wedding it would be always gorgeous, but in case of a destination wedding sometimes it might be hard to find a venue that accommodates so large party… a small intimate party can be easily accommodated in a restaurant, bar, roof, villa, beach house… etc..

So have an intimate Destination wedding can be a unique experience, where details will be as important as any other wedding; but you will have a few extra add-ons to wow your wedding guests…

Planning a wedding? I hope this small tips helps you! and for us at Better Together Mexico  will great to help you with those special plans!

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Happy Planning !



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