Amazing tips to book Hotel Room Block for your Wedding


The Wedding planning has a tons thing to do, and probably you will face a lot of new things. One of them will be booking a Hotel Room Block for your Wedding guests. 

Let us help you to find the easy way to do this taking advantage of those special rates.

Hotel Room Block explained. 

Room guest block

After a few years working in the hospitality industry. We can tell you that a Room Blook is when you book 10 rooms or more for the same dates. Most of the hotels will offer the same rate for couple days prior and after of the total group arrival or departure.  If your sister wants to stay little longer… she can do it!

It is no secret that this corporate or group rates are discounted. We can try to take the most of it. 

Overestimated guest count. 

Yes! You might be afraid to commit to a large number of rooms; when we are speaking of a Hotel Room Block.  You are unsure how many of your guests or sometimes, even relatives will attend your wedding.

Here is when overestimated is good… just don’t go so crazy, make it wisely.

The hotel will require a deposit to secure the room block. However, they will give you facilities to use that money in case you have some reminder.

The extra point, hotels also do a “wash” or cut-off of their room blocks every certain time.  The reason why they will provide times for reducing the number of rooms. Having this option helps you to avoid extra fees. 

The risky part, it is underestimated rooms because all the extra rooms need it will be subject to availability. With a popular hotel or your wedding happens in the middle of the high season.  We are sure that you won’t find rooms. 

It is important to read the contract hotel will provide. Obviously, but also don’t forget to remind your guests when the cut-off dates are and help them to avoid penalties.

Choose 3 Hotels 

Let’s face it! not everyone has facilities to spend in traveling plus the stay at a 500 USD / night, so having 3 different hotel with a range of prices will allow your guests to choose the one that best suits them. 

In this case, you know in a certain way, who can afford what. This will give you an idea of what range of hotels will you look for.  Each hotel, of course, will have their own agreement and policies to follow; once you contact a Hotel Room Block, don’t be afraid to ask. 


Also, don’t forget to choose hotels near to your venue if you are not getting married at the hotel. 

Have a range of hotels, also will allow you to keep your wedding budget on control because you can decide what hotel do you prefer most. 

Some hotels offer specials perks to; like room upgrades when you book a Hotel Room Block.

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Booking the Actual Rooms. 

Once the Hotel Room Block is set, start booking the actual rooms can be the most stressful part.

Additionally to your daily life, and wedding planning some guests decide that you can also help them to book a room – please do not blame them-  perhaps is their first trip, perhaps are not tech savvy; who knows! 

Some options to fix this is having a travel agent who will assist you with this part and also keep an eye on the deadlines to reduce the room block and avoid extra fees. 

Some hotels will require having someone who handles all the bookings. Therefore, keep the control of payments, charges, arrivals, and departures; so a travel agent will be a must.

Other hotels offer to do a calling or email booking using a special code they made for yours. In this case, their reservations department take charge of controlling the booking situation – sometimes it can be a chaos.

No matter what option do you decide, we suggest avoiding this task as much possible. 

8 – 10 months prior

That will be the perfect time to start setting the room block, not only because allow you time for negotiate, but also because most of hotels and flights will not have their rates updated so far in advance. 

However, check a year ahead. There are hotels keeping their current Hotel Room Block rates for early bookings!  so you will be saving a little extra!

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