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I recently have the visit of a very dear friend, who she got engagement a few months ago… my dear friend is now so no in a wedding plan mood… why? she is overwhelming with all the info around, and with all the options, Pinterest starts to be a nightmare for her because she finds so many great ideas … well, she is all lost.. our suggestion? take a break, breath, think some ideas, and of course.. call us! 

In the meantime, she inspired me to this post. Why? She mentioned that want a beach wedding with no beach, with a Hacienda style, within a Ballroom… well, it would be hard but I`m sure we can find a place with that description… but now how you can have a beach wedding without a beach? That phrase brings up to my mind, so many brides I met that want to have a beach wedding with no beach, because, they do NO want to have sand inside her wedding shoes, or go barefoot because they want something little more formal… so how? 

It is tricky in Playa del Carmen to have this kind of area, but options are always, some of our options with not beach will be: 

  • Cenote; try for a ceremony it will be something different and mystical.
  • Cave Wedding; ok! I accept that this can be a weird suggestion but is possible!
  • Roof Top Wedding: Yes! you will have the view, the ocean, the lights at night and as a plus, you won’t have people walking in bathing suits behind you! 
  • Garden Wedding with Ocean view, some hotels in the area and also private venues offer this option 
  • Pool Wedding with Ocean view, same than Garden Weddings, many places offers this kind of venues! 

Those are just a few ideas on how to have a Beach wedding without Beach!…  we will be happy to help you and find the perfect venue with or without beach… 

Call us! 

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