Destination Wedding ideas to try out for your Wedding day!


Destination Wedding ideas to try out for your Wedding day!  Fun activities to give a twist to your reception and make it monumental. They are easy, interactive or delicious, but most of all they a super fun! 

Piñata Cake

We understand that cake it could be a “THING” as far tradition it comes… but did you ever think about a Piñata cake for your Destination Wedding. Not sure if you want to leave the tradition behind… well you can always have a small little cake to be cut, dessert table for everyone dessert and the Piñata Wedding Cake! You and your guests will have a lot of fun trying to smash this piñata!

Eggshell seating

This is hard but fun! 

Did you ever hear about the Eggshell filled with confetti? The one that you smash into your friends head when you were a little kid?  Well, that also can be used for your Destination Wedding… yes!  I had the same face of “How come?!” … Well, you can have those little cut eggshells filled with some confetti and the table of each of your guests, so they will have to smash the eggshell to know where would be seated

 Hard to tell… but as far I know… people are having a lot of fun with this idea! 



Coconut Station 

When you are planning your Destination Wedding, especially at the Mexican Caribbean like Cancun, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Cozumel, or even Huatulco… let´s face it you can picture yourself holding a coconut with a little umbrella!

During our Wedding Bridal Fair attendance in McAllen – you can check our post about it – every time we said ” we are coming from Cancun” everyone face just light up and you can basically imagine what was crossing in their heads.  

Therefore a coconut station will be a great add-on to your Destination Wedding. Coconut bar is refreshing, hydrates, and delicious! 

Bubble Refill


There is not a Destination Wedding if there are no bubbles! a cute idea to have them refill are hang small stations, this will allow your guests to refill, keep a lay-back feeling ambiance and reduce the number of servers during the cocktail time. Touche! 



Picnic Baskets

We saw this at the Belief Retreat, and we Love it! they are super cute, handy and have everything you need for a small stand meal…so, they could be perfect for a Destination Wedding, either for your Bridesmaids during your getting ready or for everyone at the cocktail time.


So, you know now! Try some of this ideas for your Destination Wedding! Remember plan big, plan to make it memorable! 


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