Hotel Wedding Unveiled


When you are planning a Destination Wedding the first thing that crosses your mind is a Hotel Wedding. Right? Check this post.

Well, do you remember that one of us; open and lead a Wedding Team for a  5 Diamonds All Inclusive Hotel?

Hotel Wedding Unveiled, Free Weddings

Do they really give free weddings?

Yes! it is real, they do offer free ceremonies if you book a specific room category or a certain number of rooms during a specific amount of nights. 

The trick, well, depending on the hotel. They offer only the basics. Like Non-denominational minister, bridal bouquet, basic set up for arch or gazebo – they usually own this – cake for 10 people.

Some hotels will include recorded music or a sound & system provided by their entertainment or animation team, or because they own it. 

The Pro, if you are looking for an elopement or a very, very intimate wedding. This is an amazing option. Naturally, you will have to add photos, makeup or any other thing you have in mind. 

Having a reception with this kind of package it is possible. It will cost extra but depending menu, headcount, and your wedding vision, it will be price range. 


Outside Vendors Fees

It is a reality that many hotels and perhaps some venues, will have this policy. The reality, see this similar of having a party in a friends house – we know it is not the same- remember, their house their rules! 

Lots of Hotels will have specific exclusivity contracts with different vendors. Why? Because in that way they have a space to negotiate specific services or products rates to make those free Wedding Packages. 

Fees can go from a Day Pass cost to as high as hotel figure out. We´ve found fees for about 1000 USD for each supplier, and this will allow just a specific number of people accessing to the hotel. 

A fee for a Wedding Photographer is quite normal in the area. There are hotels that allow it IF the photographers stay on property. So, it is like any other guests taking photos or as a family member.

We just found a hotel doing a fee even if you are stying the photographer or if in reality a family member! 


Hotel Wedding Curfews, is that for real? 

Yes! Hotels will have a curfew for ending all events in external areas. The average time is 10:30 or 11:00 pm. 

Remember that you are having a Hotel Wedding which means that you share the space and rooms with other +400 guests. The hotel will take also those guests into consideration and avoid any kind of complaints. 

What options do you have for this? Well going inside to the hotel ballroom, stay until curfew, book the whole property or book an outside wedding venue. 


Why I need a Wedding Planner?

You already have the Hotel Wedding Coordinator, the hotel and the services provided by them… sounds pretty set, right?

Gina and Diego Secrets Maroma Riviera Cancun Wedding

Our past couples booked our services because they do have already a Hotel Wedding booked but is been hard for them to get any kind of responses.  Coordinate weddings at the hotel could be really demanding, some hotels perform about +300 a year.

Meetings, training courses, site inspections visits, meals, and irregular work shifts could make hard for hotel Wedding Coordinators to provide a high end and friendly quality services.  In some way, they are so burnout.

Other couples find us to making their wedding a totally amazing experience. Hotel Wedding Coordinators have already lots of thing on their plate. Booking additional experiences for +300 couples is not one of their top concerns. 

Additionally, to what the hotel offers. In the past, we had supplied tons of  Activities for Wedding Guests. Tours to Cenotes, Tulum Ruins, Yoga lessons, Salsa Lessons, Cigar Rollers or a private boat for the group.

Our couples also booked us to find stunning private venues where they have their dreamed wedding until late, and avoid the hotel wedding curfew.

Finally, we help them with their wedding budget! We have the time, patience and necessary networking to manage that part. We are able to review and if necessary reduce the overall wedding cost; even with the hotel fees.

Riviera Maya Destination Wedding Planners

Therefore a Hotel Wedding can be an amazing option for too many reasons. They are budget friendly, you spend more time with your wedding guests, and the list goes on.

Despite all those benefits, every day more and more couples are planning their wedding out of hotels and create a really bespoke destination wedding experience

What would you prefer? 

Happy Planning! 


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