How to avoid these 5 Usual Wedding Planning Mistakes


Wedding Planning can be fun! It is also one of the most memorable days of our lives; so all the planning is made with a lot of dreams on our heads, right?  How can you avoid the most Usual Wedding Planning Mistakes and at the same time, save some money

We will give you quick tips to do that, and enjoy a little bit more such special day! 

Usual Wedding Mistake: Not having a Budget

I know we all have a wedding image in our minds, and it is usually fabulous!  The sad reality, how much we can splurge ourselves with a beyond imagination wedding and at the same time don’t end in bankruptcy?  

Set a Budget! The most of the wedding budget is use it on the food and beverage, so estimate the number of guests you will have and make an estimate on how much you can pay per person.  

Prices will vary with the menu, of course, it is not the same to have lobster and caviar on the menu, versus fish or meat. 



Spending a lot on Decor

We love the flowers, and very artistic weddings… next question is that on our budget? The main reason for your wedding is enjoying time with your loved ones, so why a super hi level decored reception will be important if you can not afford it? 

In case of a Destination Wedding, you can take advantage of the natural beauty of the place and just add some elements to make it amazing. You can also check our post about  Wedding Styles with amazing ideas and inspiration to take enhance the natural beauty of the venue, and of course, avoid one of these usual wedding planning mistakes.


Being cheap with Photography and Video

Martha and Helios, Wedding Video Highlights, Villa La Joya, Riviera Maya from Gallardo Films

Let’s face it… I know that a photography that charges over 5000 USD – just to give you a number- can sound ridiculous… let´s rethink that again:  After your wedding is over the only thing left are the Photography and Videography.  See again, how we looked at you walking down the aisle worth that amount? View your parent’s tears again while they give away their most precious person in life?  wouldn’t that worth that money? 

Won’t it worth that money, to hear your friends speeches, or see you grandmother again? this way does not be cheap with the photography and video service is important. We are talking about lasting memories, you know how much worth for you! Add them to your budget wisely.  Take a look at the checklist for photography


Borrowing Money.


We all have dreams, and we love to achieve those dreams. However, borrowing money for a party is not a wise decision. Additionally, the stress about this debt will affect the first years of your marriage… it will be much, much better avoid some costs, like reduce the guest list, change menus, bar options, etc.  and have an amazing time and a great start as married couple instead start with debt.  Stick to your budget! 


Not establish priorities. 

Life is about decisions, at least it is what my mom always says! Most of the time, she is right. A Wedding is a decision, to whom we should invite other, where, when,  what dress, flowers, etc… basically all the wedding planning process is making decisions from day one. 

Because you are a part of a couple, you must decide what are your priorities. Do you prefer the video or the photo, you have the budget for both? Lobster or sea bass? Take a time and speak to each other, it is your wedding and you must have a great time. 


Finally, don’t forget the real reason for the wedding, this will keep you on your budget and will be easy to make decisions. Enjoy each moment of the day, the good things and also the not so good… the day will pass away so quick that you will feel it in an instant. Make of that instant the most! Enjoy, dance…


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